Harlow Playhouse: Forever Jackson – Europe’s No.1 Michael Jackson Tribute Concert

Entertainment / Thu 28th Oct 2021 at 02:55pm

‘FOREVER Jackson’ is the ultimate tribute to Michael Jackson setting the industry alight and selling out venues wherever they go. Robin Parsons pays true homage to the late great King Of Pop. Singing 100% live lead vocal, his voice replicates the distinctive tones of Jackson – you could be forgiven for believing he mimes!

His dancing mirrors the legend in every detail, step for step right down to the smallest of mannerisms and his look (created through a two and a half hour process using ONLY theatrical make-up) is the exact image of MJ. He has spent over half of his life studying Michael Jackson in meticulous detail to produce the closest complete likeness currently performing today.

Robin has been a long time fan and learnt to replicate Michael’s abilities through a love of performing. His dedication paid off in a big way when he got to live out a dream and performed for Michael Jackson in 2003 at his 45th Birthday show at the Orpheum Theatre in L.A….an honour only a very select few have experienced!

Forever Jackson is backed by an amazing all girl dance team from right here in Harlow, Hip Hop Pop. The girls, choreographed by Jenny Bater-Sinclair (who is considered to be in the top 5% of UK Dance Tutors) perform the classic world-famous routines whilst adding a little something extra for the modern age of music. They are simply electrifying! 

This full production show features a live band – made up of highly experienced musicians who have played for and supported A-list names including Bon Jovi, Katy Perry and many more, HD projections that create the scenes, sets and also react to the stunning choreography and special FX that includes some of the iconic MJ signature moments such as the Smooth Criminal ‘Lean’ and more

With wonderful touches of originality, visual extravagance throughout and a set list for all ages, (whether a fan or not) this is truly a production for everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen…….brace yourselves…….


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