Police and Fire Boss: Police and Crime Plan approved

Crime / Fri 29th Oct 2021 at 04:19pm

“Safe and secure communities are the bedrock on which we build success and wellbeing for all.” 

That’s the vision of Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex in his Police and Crime Plan for Essex which was approved by members of the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Panel today.

The Police and Crime Plan builds on what the PFCC has achieved so far and sets out the policing priorities and aims for keeping Essex safe. 

It brings together the police, partners and the public of Essex to build safe and secure communities, to ensure the public have confidence in their police force and that victims are satisfied with the service and support they receive. 

The policing priorities for Essex are: 

  • Further investment in crime prevention
  • Reducing drug driven violence
  • Protecting rural and isolated areas 
  • Preventing business crime, fraud and cyber crime 
  • Protecting vulnerable people and breaking the cycle of domestic abuse 
  • Improving safety on our roads 
  • Reducing violence against women and girls 
  • Encouraging volunteers and community support
  • Improving support for victims of crime 
  • Supporting our officers and staff 
  • Preventing dog theft 
  • Increasing collaboration

Roger said: “We have made huge strides in recent years. Our commitment to local, visible, accessible policing means Essex Police have more than 600 officers than it had five years ago, and this week’s Budget confirms there will be over 800 by next year. New town centres teams, a Rural Engagement Team and Business Crime Team are making a difference and our Special Constabulary is now the second largest, and fastest growing in the country with over 500 officers. 

“Our approach is working and since May 2016 we have seen a 33 per cent reduction in burglary, 15 per cent reduction in anti-social behaviour and 29 per cent reduction in the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads. 

“What we are doing is working but we need to do more of it. Drug driven violence, gangs and domestic abuse are all having an impact on life in our county and we need to tackle these. 

“This Police and Crime Plan is about making a strategic commitment to prevention, a shift in our main effort from rapid response into a model of targeted prevention and early intervention. This is the approach that will help us get crime down across Essex. 

“We also need to protect the vulnerable from being preyed on by County Lines gangs, we need to protect people in their homes from domestic abuse and we need to protect women and girls from violence and abuse on our streets. By working together, we can identify where people are most at risk and deliver effective interventions to keep them safe.”

Essex Police’s Deputy Chief Constable Andy Prophet said: 

“The Police and Crime Plan contains a clear and welcome focus on crime prevention. 

“The officers, staff and volunteers of Essex Police will continue to work with the public and community safety partners to do just that; to help people, keep them and safe and catch criminals.  

“Essex Police is determined to reduce violence in all its forms, especially domestic abuse, serious violence and violence against women and girls; tackling those who cause the greatest harm to our communities. 

The Police and Crime Plan will be formally launched next month.

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4 Comments for Police and Fire Boss: Police and Crime Plan approved:

2021-10-29 18:28:33

Police, Fire and Crime commissioner another nonsense job created out of nothing and serves no purpose except putting a huge burden on the taxpayer. You have a Chief Constable and a head of Essex Fire so why do you need an extra level of bureaucracy ?

gary roberts
2021-10-30 06:51:22

The policing priorities for Essex are: Further investment in crime prevention; Reducing drug driven violence; Protecting rural and isolated areas; Preventing business crime, fraud and cyber crime; Protecting vulnerable people and breaking the cycle of domestic abuse; Improving safety on our roads; Reducing violence against women and girls; Encouraging volunteers and community support; Improving support for victims of crime; Supporting our officers and staff; Preventing dog theft; Increasing collaboration; With respect isn't this plan just a standard job description for police officers? The only difference is that they will have to do it with fewer officers as this organ highlighted a few months ago. No mention of a return to Neighbourhood policing I notice: Why not?

2021-10-31 11:21:45

Well said Gary. PCSOs made a difference and Neighbourhood Policing needs to be a priority strategy.

2021-11-05 07:41:00

I dont trust the police with extra money it will only be wasted on something not needed. The police only seem to go after soft targets as they have no bone and no backing or respect anymore while the real scum bags no how to play our soft system. First of all our weak judges need sacking straight away

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