Harlow Labour concerned over “growing racial tension” in town

News / Sat 30th Oct 2021 at 06:50pm

A SENIOR Labour councillor questioned the new leader of Harlow Council as to what he plans to do about “increasing racial tension” in the town.

Councillor Tony Durcan (Lab) asked the question to Harlow Council leader Russell Perrin on Thursday night.

After the meeting, cllr Durcan told YH: “My question came as a result of attending a black history event where many fellow nurses were talking about the regularity of race comments that were offensive.

“Eastern European staff are asked when are they going home

“PAH has a high level of international nurses who are living in my ward who often tell me about concerns around negative attitudes in the wider community.

“Most male nurses are  subjected to comments around sexuality.

“As it was still black history month I thought it would be good to ask what else could the council do.

“My question wasn’t about statistics but Essex police do report an increase in reporting of hate crimes.

NHS are attempting to take a stronger line around acts against staff.

“Sadly everyone I spoke to said there is no point in reporting. It’s just the way it is.

“Clearly Brexit hasn’t helped. Claims that foreigners were taking jobs and were cheaplLabour.

To be honest I thought my question would enable cllr Perrin to send  out a strong positive message but all he did was tell us what the council has done, most of which was under Labour anyway.

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9 Comments for Harlow Labour concerned over “growing racial tension” in town:

2021-10-30 22:50:12

What a waste of time for people's voices from both sides this snippet is! Neither of the sides represent the common person's view of Harlow! Nor does one care on the specific view given by the opposition, this is simply point scoring one above the other to claim a weakness of party views. If only all in favour of Harlow's success were libertarians perhaps we would get somewhere!

2021-10-31 09:06:49

Perhaps it boils down to representation of different communities? Age, class, ethnicity, orientation? See https://moderngov.harlow.gov.uk/mgMemberIndex.aspx?bcr=1

2021-10-31 09:17:37

It looks like Tony Durcan is very correct to raise this issue. He is not the only one to identify community tension which can trigger pikes in hate crime. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/oct/31/revealed-the-towns-at-risk-from-far-right-extremism A report from the Hope not Hate charitable trust identifies 52 areas where the risk may have increased for far-right activity. This risk is not helped by the fact that the Conservatives have failed to honour their election promises.

2021-10-31 10:30:44

Looking forward to next weeks discussion on far left extremism, to keep things balanced.

2021-10-31 13:28:42

Me too Ray, like...erm.... Be more specific Ray...

2021-10-31 16:04:39

Ying & Yang

James Humphreys
2021-10-31 18:34:39

The towns at risk of extremism is a very poor report. Essentially they’ve said this town has deprivation, high numbers of brexit voters and voted slightly right wing in an election and local election. It’s a very big step to then go from that to say that it’s at risk of right wing extremism…which is exactly what they have done. I really hope that a politician has not used this report to raise a question and make a news story. If racial hate crime was on the rise then and if our police and police share their concerns then it should be questioned and would be a concern…not just a number of factors which someone has added 2+2 and jumped to an answer of 7 of. It’s evidence is utterly baseless for such a claim.

2021-11-01 12:17:51

Hope not hate need to get their facts right, it seems they haven't got any evidence to back this claim. They stated we didn't have a football club, we have.

2021-11-02 06:04:02

Sounds like the smug left are at it again. I have a mixed family and when we all chat together we would like to see a report on crime figures from before 1997 when blair the traitor got in and open our doors to the world and what the figures are now? Give people the truth instead of this constant left wing rubish. When traitor blair was told immigration was a concern he put someone incharge who was pro immigration. We was told by labour that harlow was unhealthly white. Thats the way to ease racial tension. What a joke

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