Candlelit procession to shine light on stopping violence against women

Crime / Sun 31st Oct 2021 at 10:19am

HARLOW Labour Women are organising a display of shoes in the Harvey Centre to mark the women who’ve been killed this year.

Can you donate a pair of shoes? Or several? If so, call 07877424834 or 07908518862.

An average of two women a week are killed as a consequence of domestic abuse.

They also invite you to join a candlelit procession, leaving the Obelisk at 6pm on Thursday 25 November 2021.

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11 Comments for Candlelit procession to shine light on stopping violence against women:

2021-10-31 10:26:57

What have I just read? Es un chiste, no?

Kay Morrison
2021-10-31 14:04:19

One woman is killed every 3 days. In the UK, over 110 women have already been murdered this year alone.

Kay Morrison
2021-10-31 15:08:59

Thank you, Michael Casey.

2021-10-31 15:09:25

Well done Harlow Labour

2021-10-31 17:19:05

Well done. But What about men? They are also killed through domestic abuse. It’s just not spoke about.

Mary j
2021-10-31 17:35:34

Ray the misogynist on here again with his invalid sexist onions

2021-10-31 19:13:19

Will the shoes be given to a charity shop (or worn-out ones recycled) afterwards?

2021-10-31 19:37:55

Hi I have seven pairs to give away.

2021-11-01 07:30:35

Sticks and stones Mary J. Maybe if the article explained how a shoe collection would help this awful situation or if someone, with a less aggressive mentality, could have replied to me... Well Ray we aim to collect shoes from women in order to ... sell them? make a monument? donate them to a charity shop? I still cannot see from reading this article what the exact purpose is. Perhaps never having raised a hand to a woman in my life makes me underqualified. Good luck with you cause.

James Griggs
2021-11-01 08:32:39

Matthew, hopefully all shoes donated will be of good quality and have some life left in them. These will be donated to women’s support groups when the display is removed. Any not useable will be recycled.

Mary j
2021-11-25 17:34:52

Ray you are a misogynist . End of.

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