Over six hour wait to be seen at A and E in Harlow at the weekend

Health / Tue 2nd Nov 2021 at 12:43pm

THE PRESSURES on the accident and emergency department at Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) in Harlow have been highlighted by the publication of figures at the weekend.

On Saturday October 30th, a total of 288 people attended A and E.

The average waiting time was 385 minutes ( 6 hours and 25 minutes).

On Sunday October 31st, a total of 329 people attended A and E.

The average waiting time was 392 minutes (6 hours and 32 minutes)

Last Week

On Saturday October 23rd, a total of 292 people attended A and E.

The average waiting time was 293 minutes (4 hours and 53 minutes)

On Sunday October 24th, a total of 334 people attended A and E.

The average waiting time was 322 minutes (5 hours and 22 minutes).

On Monday October 25th, a total of 341 people attended A and E.

There are real fears that things are only going to get worse over the winter.

Stephanie Lawton, chief operating officer, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust, said:

““We are proud of our emergency department (A&E) team and their continued hard work caring for patients arriving at the hospital needing urgent and emergency treatment.

“The department continues to be busy and we ask people to call NHS 111 first if their injury or illness is not urgent or life-threatening.”

There is also the fact that many residents are finding it increasingly difficult to get thought to their surgery.

One resident contacted YH recently and asked: “Can I just ask how people are getting doctors appointments at Lister medical centre in Staple Tye.

“I tried all of yesterday phoning and it just says we are busy and cuts you off!

“Same thing again this morning I need an appointment for myson.

” I have had to call 111 to get them to get me an appointment which isn’t really fair on their service

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6 Comments for Over six hour wait to be seen at A and E in Harlow at the weekend:

2021-11-02 13:07:05

Time for the gp's to come out of hiding and why not reopen or build a new walk in centre.

2021-11-02 13:19:39

agree, why oh why are they still doing phone appointments only , goverement was right in the name & shame enough is enough!!!

Wendy Bailey
2021-11-02 13:29:56

Stephanie Lawton has every right to be proud of the A&E team at PAH and I would like to extend my thanks to all of the staff working under such immense pressure, while remaining caring, calm and professional. My 86 year old Mum spent 9 continuous hours in A&E through Friday evening/Saturday morning. I was fortunate to be allowed to stay with her and during this time I was astonished by the general publics mix of lack of understanding regarding the pressure and outright rudeness to A&E staff, pleased to say this was the minority of patients. I do understand that it’s frustrating to have to wait, heightened by the fact that patients and families are concerned about their loved ones condition, but there is no excuse for rudeness. The wait time is incredibly worrying and something needs to change to alleviate the added pressure of patients attending the department where they are not able to see their GP. The clue is in the title ‘Accident and Emergency’, please do not allow this service to be abused. I don’t have a solution, or understand how the department is managed, but I do believe they are doing their best. Oddly, I had to attend A&E myself yesterday morning for a fractured ankle and was seen and home with a plan of care, within two hours. Thanks once again to our remarkable NHS team.

2021-11-02 19:05:35

I went up A&E Friday 29th, got there at 9pm and didn’t leave till just after 11.30am the next morning. 1 doctor on shift, they are so understaffed.

Colin Godfrey
2021-11-02 20:41:55

How many people will have to die before things will change. I have Arthritis in my toe I have trouble walking it’s not a accident or emergency I can’t get a doctors appointment so what do I do . I need an operation all this has go via my doctor but I can’t get to see her

Lisa Goldhawk
2021-11-18 19:53:50

It’s an absolute joke to get an appointment at lister medical centre I was on hold for one and half hours. GPS need to start seeing people now everyone else has gone back to work this might free up A&E or 111 My daughter needed a GP for my granddaughter who is 4 years old and was told to phone 111!!!

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