MP Robert Halfon on Owen Patterson: “I regret voting that way”

News / Sat 6th Nov 2021 at 03:11pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has told YH that he “regrets” voting to block a recommendation in the House of Commons that an MP should be suspended for 30 days.

On Wednesday, Tory MPs blocked the Commons Standards Committee’s recommendation that Mr Paterson should be suspended for 30 days by calling for an overhaul of the MPs’ standards watchdog instead.

They initially had the backing of No 10, but Downing Street reversed its decision after a furious backlash by opposition MPs and some Conservatives.

Mr Paterson then resigned as MP for North Shropshire, saying he wanted a life “outside the cruel world of politics”.

YH spoke to Mr Halfon in the Harvey Centre on Saturday morning.

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11 Comments for MP Robert Halfon on Owen Patterson: “I regret voting that way”:

2021-11-06 15:46:35

He seems very quiet on being one of the 6 MPs who wrote the amendment according to the order paper. So can he also explain why he proposed this sleazy amendment in the first place?

2021-11-06 17:01:08

How many times did he mention Mr Patersons wife there? We have no evidence that her unfortunate suicide was due to the investigation or it's findings & no evidence that an appeal would given a different outcome. You voted to save Carrie's former boss from punishment he was absolutely bang to rights for. It's banana republic corruption, own it or vacate your seat, Mr Halfon.

Tony Edwards
2021-11-06 17:31:04

You also regretted Voting remain (Your Harlow Oct 16 2019). Coincidence or political manoeuvring after the event?

Mark Ingall
2021-11-06 18:02:05

Halfon voted to let off an MP guilty of sleaze. He did it, knowing it was wrong, in order to curry favour with Boris and his gang if Eton cronies. His only regret is that his choice has done him real electoral harm.

Tony Edwards
2021-11-06 19:00:34

Mr Halfon, and for the record - Claudia Webbe MP was suspended from the Labour Party in September 2020 and expelled on the 3rd November 2021 following the outcome of the Court Case against her. The Labour Party, quite rightly have not sought to make excuses her behaviour. Equally your argument that you were" making decisions pretty quickly when going through the Lobby" doesn't stack up! You put your name to the amendment prior to the debate - surely you didn't do that in a hurry and you also then had 90 minutes of debate to reflect on the wisdom of attempting to amend the motion. See link for evidence https://commonsbusiness.parliament.uk/document/51267/html#:~:text=Mr%20Jacob%20Rees,action%20be%20taken.%E2%80%9C

2021-11-06 19:13:12

Flip Flop Bob, Regrets are not principles.

2021-11-06 19:45:36

@ mark Ingal Curry flavour haha

2021-11-06 21:10:19

I wonder if RH also 'regrets' his goverment awarding Randox two Covid testing contracts last year worth nearly £480m without the normal competition. Randox is one of the companies that paid Owen Paterson more than £8,000 a month for 16 hours’ consultancy work. I'm sure that this huge amount of money in no way infulenced a telephone meeting with the firm, Paterson and Lord Bethell, then a health minister 9 April last year about Covid testing.

2021-11-06 22:57:43

I am amazed that it seems acceptable to offer as an excuse that you were making decisions pretty quickly while going through the Lobby. I'm afraid your decision means you are either a fool or a knave. Your excuse seems to suggest you are hoping you'll be forgiven for being a fool. However the fact that you helped to write the amendment suggests that you are actually a knave. You played an active part - you were not just dutiful Lobby fodder. It's possible that your judgement was clouded by sympathy for the tragic circumstances of Mr Paterson's wife's death but your record of weeping crocodile tears for regrettable voting decisions makes me unsympathetic to that possibility. In any case, I think Harlow deserve an MP who is neither a fool nor a knave. John Major has called you out on all this self serving venality. Hang your head in shame. I've admired some aspects of your work. I think you have been an effective Chair of the Education Select Committee but this latest is not your finest moment. You did what you did. Please don't tell me you were a bit of a silly Billy afterwards as if that makes it forgivable.

gary roberts
2021-11-07 08:54:13

Did you know Mr. Halfon is working hard for Harlow? You do now following his interview with the editor: he mentioned it at the start, the middle, and the end. And if you are still unsure it appears in an advert on this organ! But is it correct? In 2010 until now he mentions that Austerity was caused by a scribbled note left in the Treasury of that year claiming there was no money left and thereby resulting in his government cutting vitally needed public services in this country in general, and Harlow in particular. Cutting Universal Credit to both working and unemployed constituents is a morally lacking crime that has already affected the lives and livelihoods of Harlow people and their families. Increasing National Insurance will damage all those families on middle and lower incomes and not reducing VAT on energy bills will profoundly effect those with cold homes: A case of eat or heat being the relevant and disgraceful term. All these actions and non actions supported by Mr. Halfon. And now voting for a Conservative MP in order to avoid a suspension after breaking parliamentary rules on the premise of a sad death in the family. It wouldn't wash in a court of law and he knows that, but still voted to stop the suspension. Integrity is important in life as in politics and sadly he now has none. Working hard for Harlow and it people? Not in my view based on the last eleven years.

David Hughes
2021-11-07 11:20:53

One word says it all CORRUPTION

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