Emergency services tell Old Harlow residents that presence in area was not due to major incident

News / Mon 8th Nov 2021 at 04:14pm

THE AMBULANCE service has told YH that their presence in Old Harlow on Saturday afternoon was not due to a major incident.

Residents in the Jocelyns area of Old Harlow had contacted YH due to a large number of fire engines as well as several ambulances present in their street for a number of hours on Saturday afternoon.

Essex Fire and Rescue told YH that they were assisting the ambulance service.

The East of England ambulance service told YH that they were attending a call to a person at a “private address”.

Residents had asked why there was such a large number of vehicles allocated to this one “operation” but the ambulance service, would not be drawn further.

The ambulance service did tell YH that between 12pm and 6pm on Saturday November 6th, they received 66 calls from across Harlow.

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3 Comments for Emergency services tell Old Harlow residents that presence in area was not due to major incident:

Undercover Ambulance Service
2021-11-08 21:52:56

A bit thin on answers. The East of England ambulance service are treating us like children. This is Mummy and Daddy business. We won't be drawn any further. I'm left wondering if they're wasting our taxes or not with this veil of secrecy.

Kit Dean
2021-11-10 07:26:23

It’s almost like they want to respect the privacy and possibility dignity if someone they were there to assist… how bizzare.

2021-11-12 07:27:36

Kit, my thoughts exactly. The others out there suggesting some kind of coverup or conspiracy theory is just absurd. Put the foil hats away people, sometimes emergency services come out to assist with something that is too sensitive to publicly disclose. Perhaps embarrassing or overwhelming in nature. If this was one of my family members, I would not want the local news and comments throwing wild accusations and theories around.

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