New Harlow Council leader appoints new top team to “deliver on the historic mandate we were elected on”

General / Thu 11th Nov 2021 at 12:27pm

THE new Leader of Harlow Council, Cllr Russell Perrin, has appointed a new Cabinet today focussed absolutely on delivering on the people’s priorities and election pledges. 

Cllr Perrin appointed both new members of the Cabinet and reshuffled the portfolio holder responsibilities to focus the new Conservative Council on delivering on the pledges they made in the May election. He has described the moves as “essential” adding that “we promised to deliver a new Council and the changes I am making today are to ensure we do just that.”

The changes included:

·  Councillor Joel Charles remains Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Community and Business Resilience with the new responsibility of business and economic recovery, focussing on pump-priming Harlow’s recovery from the pandemic.

·  Councillor Dan Swords has been tasked with delivering the biggest programme of regeneration since Harlow was built by rebuilding the town centre, dramatically improving the estates with a new house building programme and “rocket-boosting” Harlow’s growth with the move of Public Health England, the Enterprise Zone and the new hospital.

·  Councillor Nicky Purse has been newly appointed as the Cabinet Member for the Environment to restore pride in our estates by ensuring the landscaping is massively improved and the quality of work done is of the highest standard.

·  Councillor James Leppard has been appointed as the Cabinet Member for Finance to deliver on the pledge to cut Council Tax and invest in people’s priorities such as regeneration, estate renewal and council house building.

·  Councillor Michael Hardware remains as the Cabinet Member for Strategic Growth to ensure Harlow sees the maximum benefits from the hundreds of millions being invested into the Harlow and Gilston Garden Town project.

·  Councillor Alastair Gunn has been newly appointed as the Cabinet Member for the Governance to focus on improving customer service, council procurement, the road to net zero by 2040 and tackling climate change.

·  Councillor Simon Carter remains as the Cabinet Member for Housing with a renewed focus on improving services for council tenants and leaseholders and improvements to council housing conditions.

Commenting on his new top team, Cllr Russell Perrin said: “We were elected in May with an historic mandate to cut Council Tax, build back better and deliver the new Council that Harlow needs. The team I have appointed today will be focussed on nothing but delivering on the pledges we made to residents and tackling the issues that have been neglected for too long.

“That means finally getting on with the regeneration of our town centre, the renewal of our estates, building hundreds of new council houses, restoring pride in our environment and delivering all of this, whilst cutting our share of Council Tax.

“That is the job of the administration I lead: to cut Council Tax, build back better and deliver for our town. Harlow truly will be the best town in Britain to raise your family and to send your children to school; the best place to start a business; the best place to live and to be. 

“The time for talking is over and it’s time to get on with the job.”


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4 Comments for New Harlow Council leader appoints new top team to “deliver on the historic mandate we were elected on”:

tony edwards
2021-11-11 14:44:51

Well good luck to Dan Swords as a District Councillor in rebuilding the Town Centre and rocket boosting the move of Public Health England and the building of the new hospital. So far his track record isn't great as his recent bid for £20 million government funding for the Town Centre failed (see Your Harlow 29th October) and he has absolutely no say over the funding for Public Health England and the new hospital. Where despite numerous promises and political hyperbole from our MP and the Prime Minister the funding has still yet to be agreed.

2021-11-11 23:45:15

I doubt the Conservatives have a clue about what the town needs, certainly not overload of traffic, sewage and surface water from Hggt , certainly not expansion by 130000 new homes, certainly not high rise tower blocks, certainly not a tube station : none of these were on the ballot paper and given such a low turn out at the elections there's no mandate that can be claimed. A referendum is needed and as part of community involvement in the development of the town using new local and neighbourhood plans. I doubt they wish to do this because there's a "we know best " attitude from Cllrs, and one suspects the close association with property development consultants who boast of how many greenfield and greenbelt sites they have turned into building lots. The Council must publish current local and neighbourhood plans and engage in a review process with every community and all residents. After campaigning by blaming labour for the rises in Council Tax, which was actually mainly caused by a hike in tax from Essex County Council run by the Conservatives, and falsely promising an immediate cut in Council tax on being elected, one is not inclined to trust thr conservative mind set or a vision for the town that seems to bring no benefits only profits for developers. Trust needs to be built and a massively improved consultation process is needed. How can one trust a party or it's philosophy in the light of the behaviour of the Conservatives in Parliament over the last week.

2021-11-12 06:50:25

We see the we know best culture in the labour party when the majority would of stopped brexit even when the public voted leave. I seem to remember a labour party going over to france and sticking a big spanner in the works when ever they could..amounting to treason i think. We will never forget. I havent even mentioned trator blair.. so for all their ill's id rather trust the tories.

Stuart crook
2021-12-02 20:26:43

I don’t believe that the tories will be elected next time in Harlow when I look around the state of it Pot holes in every road bushes not being cut and litter I have voted for the tories all my life but am ashamed of Harlow now I have sent no ends of emails trying to get the hedges cut in Hart road only to be told it might be done by next March When labour was in control it was always done

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