Review: Love Beach dazzles its audience at Harlow Playhouse

Entertainment / Thu 11th Nov 2021 at 09:52am

THERE must have been enormous pressure on the Livewire Theatre Company. The pressures of Covid cannot have been easy for such a gregarious theatre company where interaction, actually meeting and performing, is so important to them.

There was also the fact that this performance was in front of a packed Harlow Playhouse audience full of friends, families and civic dignitaries. No pressure then!

“Love Beach” is an original piece of theatre written and devised by the young people from Livewire. 

It is a one hour look at reality television and the associated pressures of social media.

What is impressive about Livewire Theatre is that they are..so impressive.

Their use of social media to promote the show really draws you in. It both uses it and holds up a mirror to it as well.

Once the performance begins, you appreciate they will use every aspect of the dramatic and expressive arts and physically, every inch of the stage.

Most shows begin with the music and as opposed to “just”a backdrop and a soundtrack, the music is a fundamental art of the performance. We just want to let the great singers, funky drummers and bassists, that they were noticed and appreciated.

The story line is quickly picked up on. Eight contestants for a reality television programme that has the word Love in it.

It is a credit to each performer that each character is so clearly outlined.

What helps is that it such a good script. Yes, there are some vintage corny but funny lines (It’s a text..what’s that?..It’s a message that comes from your phone) but each character is so well acted and so well defined. The body builder, the Cambridge student etc.

The lines are well read, enunciated and projected. This reviewer was sitting right at the back and could hear every single line.

No scene outstayed its welcome, meaning: the pacing was perfect and kept this audience member engaged.

We have already mentioned the music but the choreographed pieces were excellent as well.

We were all impressed by the use of the stage. This felt like a company, looked like a company and had the discipline of a professional company.

The use of Love Island’s Laura Whitmore’s “Be Kind” tribute to Caroline Flack, was a poignant conclusion to the performance.

Social media and “reality” television, will not and will never be real life but the bullies and the trolls are and the consequences of their actions are.

The company received a standing ovation at the end and a number of curtain calls. It was richly deserved.

Loved Love Beach and love Livewire.

For more information about Livewire, click below


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