Gilston Park Estate Community Consultation Event set to be held

News / Sun 14th Nov 2021 at 09:59am

Places for People – Gilston Park Estate Community Consultation Event

PLACES for People, together with Taylor Wimpey, are hosting the first of its community consultation events on the current masterplans for The Gilston Area.

As part of the ongoing consultation for The Gilston Area, Places for People will present an emerging masterplan for the first neighbourhood of The Gilston Area, as well as a draft masterplan for the Strategic Landscape across the whole Gilston Area which has been developed together with Taylor Wimpey. 

The consultation events will give local people an opportunity to give feedback on the emerging masterplan and are a key part of Places for People’s and Taylor Wimpey’s commitment to local people to ensure the plans reflect the needs and interests of the wider community

The drop-in consultation events will take place on: 

  • Tuesday 23rd November 2021 between 1pm-8pm at Eastwick & Gilston Village Hall, CM20 2RB 
  • Saturday 27th November between 10am and 5:30pm at Our Lady of Fatima Church Hall, Howard Way, CM20 2NS. 

The consultation will also be hosted online at https://gilstonparkestate.com/.

Development Director, Yuved Bheenick, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to share our progress on the developing  Village 1 and Strategic Landscape masterplans to the wider community and answer any questions that attendees may have. The comments we have collected from the local community throughout our consultation so far have been invaluable in shaping the initial proposals and any feedback we receive from these consultation events will be used to further shape our plans for the site.

“The consultation events in November will be the first of several and we hope people will join us at sessions as the plans take shape.”

For further information, please contact: [email protected] or 07862009783.

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7 Comments for Gilston Park Estate Community Consultation Event set to be held:

2021-11-14 12:16:00

This makes it sound like a done deal or a case of a snow job of the destruction they are going to reap on the Stort valley

2021-11-14 13:01:13

Stop building.... more houses = more crime more traffic more strain on hospitals doctors and everything else then ask us to pay more coucil tax what a joke

2021-11-14 18:26:09

Might be an idea to ask what they are going to do to stop all of the surface water and sewage they are proposing to direct into the Stort Valley and towards Harlow from flooding and polluting Harlow homes and the River Valley? These floods will decimate the wildlife and their natural habitats? Currently, the plans submitted by the developers propose that they will discharge into the Valley and the Thames trunk sewer, not recognising that this and the drainage from Harlow is already overloaded. More sewage and surface water from Gilston will increase the overload and Harlow will get flooded more and more frequently as the hggt project develops and Climate change brings more intense, more frequent and greater volumes of water. Gilston hggt estate development needs to include it's own sewage and surface treatment works and an extension of the Lake to further attenuate the flow of water into the river and towards Harlow. The current proposals aren't sufficiently resilient to protect the environment or against Climate change that will now definitely exceed 1.5 degrees.

Rob Hughes
2021-11-15 17:41:33

Problem is money talks but we need more people to wake up and see the disaster and the destruction of the lovely countryside that is habitat for different species of wild life. Plus more pollution gridlock roads.

Nicholas Taylor
2021-11-23 09:53:54

And yet again, Harlow Council do nothing to advertise this event. All along this has been the tail wagging the dog. This development is planned to ensure that as little damage and disturbance is felt by residents living in the nearby villages, we in Harlow of Course will see no benefits but all the problems associated with more traffic on the roads and longer delays at the hospital and other public services, bus services cut in recent years, no sign of any redevelopment in the town centre and the trashing of the Stort Valley.

David Forman
2021-11-23 23:17:37

Just a chance for the development spin doctors to do their magic. Join the Save our Stort campaign.

Kim Oconnor
2021-11-28 20:16:27

I went to this yesterday, I was told that we are not here to talk about the river stort. Why when this is all connecting?? All theses people I spoke to yesterday don't know Harlow never walked round Harlow, and not one lived in Harlow. I did talk about the river in great length, I did talk about, why you feel the need to connect people by walk ways, and cyclists, and all road users. My answers were, we want to get people out of there cars, to reduce pollution. My response was you think people will driving around in electric cars, because you say , for a start theses cars are far to exspensive, and the battery s are not environmentaly freedly are they, no response. And what of electrical points, what if there's a flood, I would think it would be quite dangerous, they said it would be safe, but how safe.? Electric and water don't mix. Now I'm all for reducing pollution, but this set up, and theses new roads are not the way forward. And as a life long cyclists, I told them I would not cycle round Harlow, I don't now, and I certainly wouldn't if this all goes a head, we cycle out side of Harlow away from pollution and all that noise. You want to connect and mould Harlow into your vision, and your vision is greed and profit. I'm not saying, Harlow town doesn't need a upgrade, I'm not saying we don't need new houses, , but they have to be affordable to our own people, and as it is theses are not. Harlow council need to build council housing, for future generations. We don't want big developments that no one can afford. And most certainly not at the expense of our beautiful river stort. I just want to say a few things about the river stort, You talk of wellbeing... when you want to take the only peaceful place we have left. You talk the talk, and planting new trees... while failing to tell people what your doing with the old ones. You talk about making man made nature, while destroying what we have. You talk about theses 7 new villages... when there unaffordable housing estates, your swamping our true villages. They are not not villages and they are not for our own. Our river stort means so much to many many people, the canal ability use it, for peace and quite, and for clean air.. If this 4 lane bridge is build a cross our river, not only are you polluting it,our wild life moves on yet again, no matter what, how can it not be spoilt.?? Just because you want to link your housing estate to it. Please think of people before profit , just a little.

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