Both planning committee meetings on Stort River Crossing postponed

General / Tue 16th Nov 2021 at 01:35pm

THE meetings of the Development Management Committees of East Herts Council due to take place on Tuesday 16th November at 5.30pm and of Harlow Council due to take place on Wednesday 17th November at 7pm are POSTPONED.

This decision has been deemed appropriate due to extensive representations being received very late in the afternoon on Monday, 15 November 2021.

These raise legal considerations from interested parties relating to the applications due to be heard at these committees.

The Councils are required to give careful consideration to all representations received and will be taking time to consider the issues raised.

East Herts will publish these representations on behalf of both Councils on the East Herts online public access portal where they can be viewed in full.

We apologise to any members of the public who were due to attend or speak at the Committee.

The East Herts online public access portal for the applications can be viewed here https://publicaccess.eastherts.gov.uk/online-applications/ using the following application references:

  1. Detailed planning application for alterations to the existing Fifth Avenue bridge (East Herts Council Reference 3/19/1046/FUL, Harlow Council Reference HW/CRB/19/00220);
  2. Detailed planning application for erection of a new road, pedestrian and cycle bridge (East Herts Council Reference 3/19/1051/FUL, Harlow Council Reference HW/CRB/19/00221);
  3. Repair works and replacement white post and 3-rail balustrade to bridge at Land To The South And East Of Gilston Village And North Of River Stort Hertfordshire/Harlow (East Herts Council Reference 3/19/1049/LBC)
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4 Comments for Both planning committee meetings on Stort River Crossing postponed:

Nicholas Cox
2021-11-16 15:56:45

This shows what can be achieved when the residents of East Herts and Harlow unite! If we stay united we can win this!!

Yasmin Gregory
2021-11-16 16:19:50

The Friends of Latton Island published a report which calls into doubt some of the metrics provided to the Development Management Committees. It’s a great opportunity for the developers to offer an alternative to the crossing as requested by parliament but which they have not yet appeared to have done. Far more thought and detail is required for this crossing.

2021-11-16 19:21:47

Ideally this will be a pause in the planning process allowing for a single crossing in the A414 combining all the plans in one crossing. Better for the local environment, all the better to minimize climate damage.

Neil Warner‐Baker
2021-11-17 09:49:20

At the moment, the whole planning proceedure from East Herts regarding hggt is shambolic and by extention so is Harlows. Multiple planning applications to install the infrastructure such as the contentious Highway along our River and more on the way. All BEFORE clear and transparent planning permissions granted for the housing..Its a muddle, Multiple Councils with differing interests, conflicting building companies and consortiums out to make a buck for their investers. All we have is empty promises of VISION Statements..Our long cherished greenbelt is at stake here..let's not lose it. Take a look at the mess that has been created in Gilden way, we and our Council should learn from its mistakes and wait till that blot on the landscape is resolved before commiting ourselves to any more erroneous development..let's not become a doughnut!

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