Milwards Primary School told it “requires improvement”

Education / Mon 22nd Nov 2021 at 07:42am

A HARLOW primary school has been told it “requires improvement” following a recent government inspection.

Ofsted visited the school between September 14th and 15th, 2021.

The report has detailed what the school needs to do better.

Leaders do not have a well-sequenced reading curriculum that includes a systematic phonics scheme. Pupils are not routinely reading books that closely match the sounds they are learning. This means that pupils are not getting off to a good start with their reading.

Leaders need to plan and implement a reading curriculum that is well thought through and is started from when children first start school.

Leaders need to train staff to deliver the chosen phonics scheme and reading curriculum. This needs to be closely monitored by leaders to ensure consistency throughout the school, to make sure that the youngest children have the best chance to become fluent readers from an early age.

The curriculum plans in early years are not clear enough about what children need to learn. Children in early years do not always have the knowledge and skills they need to be ready for their next stage of learning.

Leaders need to ensure that curriculum plans in early years are clearer about what leaders want children to learn. These plans need to specify what children must or need to know across all the different areas of learning.

Leaders need to ensure that staff are trained to use these plans effectively so that children are well prepared for Year 1.

The full report can be found below.


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