Large number of objections to bid for 38 homes in Newhall

News / Fri 3rd Dec 2021 at 08:59am

A PLANNING application for 38 homes in Newhall has been met with a large number of objections.

The application is on the agenda for the Planning Committee meeting on Wednesday December 8th at the council offices.

The application states: Full planning application for the development of 38 residential units, 199 sqm. of flexible commercial space and associated car parking, landscaping and infrastructure works. 

The site is located straddling the highway, Bridge Street, and including the existing (former farm) buildings to the south of the road and a cleared area to its north, currently contained behind hoardings. The site area is 1 hectare.

The surrounding area comprises the school and school playing fields to the south/south-east, the nursery school to the north, and an open space to the west which includes a brook.


Summary of Representations Received

15 representations have been received. The initial consultation resulted in two objections with 13 received in response to consultation on revisions on the following grounds:

Proposed use:

  • –  this area was supposed to be a green area for residents/insufficient green space forNewhall residents
  • –  contrary to the primary development purpose of Newhall is to: – create a primarypedestrian space;
  • –  the proposed commercial premises and new housing are not needed in NewhallDesign/landscaping comments:
  • –  adverse impact on the character and appearance of the area-this part of Newhall is becoming overcrowded. This part of Newhall is likely to have an unrelieved cramped urban feel to it; overbearing and out of character development
  • –  3-storey development is inappropriate on this site
  • –  no significant addition of attractive public open space to the whole of Phase 2
  • –  too few shrubs and trees. There is no provision for naturalistic planting, especially oftrees, other than small ornamental ones
    – further breaches the Newhall Phase II Environmental Statement; and would be in breachof the assured 40% green spaces across the developments.
  • –  previously consented Newhall schemes promised more green space and this schemewould breach the 40% rule such that no different schemes should be considered asthere is insufficient green space in Newhall overall
  • –  The area needs some green space in the middle between the school and nursery toallow safe pickup of children and a nice area for them to play when they come out ofschool.
  • –  flatted blocks here would ruin the look of the estate
    – The density for this site was fixed by the Newhall Phase II Environmental Statement; thissite represents excessive density in relation to this earlier document which is associated with the previous outline approval such that this breaches the legal contract [Officer comment: This application is for full planning permission and is not legally tied to the provisions of the previous outline consent; the outline consent does nonetheless continue to be a material consideration]Travel/parking related:- increased traffic and danger to children attending nearby day nursery/school – increase in pollution
  • –  Bridge Street is the only access into and out of Newhall and additional vehicles will add to danger using this road
  • –  possible safety issues
  • –  insufficient parking provision for residents
  • –  limited visitor parking
  • –  proposed amendments to the original road layout have not been the subject of publicconsultation
  • –  parents collecting children drive and manoeuvre their vehicles dangerously
  • –  Newhall is supposed to be a pedestrian environment but cars are everywhere
  • –  there is already a bottle neck at the School/Day nursery at peak times which results incongestion and would prevent emergency vehicles passing through; the proposeddwellings and extra traffic would exacerbate this existing problem
  • –  Concern expressed regarding the section of footpath that does not exist on the northside of the viaduct on Bridge Street going West to East that parents and children wishing to walk or bike to the amenities in the area have to either cross the road three times or walk dangerously into the road whilst making that journey, this is quite apparent now but when these properties are completed then many more residents will add to the danger.[ Applicant response: “There is an existing mature Oak tree which precludes the provision of a conventional footpath along the northern edge of the road. This has been previously discussed with Highways and it was agreed to incorporate the provision of drop kerbs on either side of the road to facilitate crossing. In addition, Newhall Projects have been looking at how they could incorporate a footpath along this edge as part of the design and delivery of the proposed LEAP which is due to come forward under a separate application submission shortly. The proposed design incorporates a footpath / boardwalk surface which protects the roots of the existing tree and also provides a continuous footpath link along the northern edge of the road and therefore addresses the concerns raised in the objection.”]Amenity related:- loss of existing quality of life for existing Newhall residents
    – loss of light due to flatted blocks
    – unacceptable increase in noise in Newhall
    – loss of existing residents’ views across the site of trees/woodsGeneral/other:- Charging points for Electric Vehicles are needed
    – Consideration should be given to provisions to proactively prevent anti-social behaviour from young people congregating in the area i.e. youth provision in the form of skate/bikepark/youth neighbourhood centre?
    – people living in flats which overlook a school or day nursery may be unsavoury
    – Development on the nearby school site for vehicle parking has meant it isn’t a green field
  • –  Quite disappointing to see the conditional statement surrounding the provisions foraffordable housing being on condition there is “no late stage review mechanismrequested”.
  • –  concern expressed about Fire Safety and Cladding Scandal – Councils should not grantany new planning permissions and developers should not be allowed to build any new development until this is resolved
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3 Comments for Large number of objections to bid for 38 homes in Newhall:

2021-12-03 09:25:56

It's terrible the way we are destroying our beautiful rural villages.

2021-12-03 11:13:08

I would not feel happy having a block of flats directly looking over the nursery! Child safety has to be a consideration! Also the area is already over crowded with vehicles at pick up/drop off times and this would be inhibited further with more dwellings!

2021-12-03 17:12:26

Doesn't attend what the objections are, permission will be granted. Going by "redevelopment" in Harlow over the past 20 years or so, the developers hold all the cards and the planning committees are spineless in opposition.

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