Over the border: Free parking in Epping

Entertainment / Sat 4th Dec 2021 at 12:23pm

NOW we are in December and people are getting ready for the festive period ahead, Epping Forest District Council (EFDC) is again offering free parking in our car parks across the district on weekends and bank holidays throughout the month.

Weekends and bank holidays

From Saturday 4 December to Tuesday 28 December residents and visitors will be able to use any EFDC-run car park free of charge.

So you can take your time shopping or eating in the many restaurants and cafes across the district without having to worry about your parking running out.

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6 Comments for Over the border: Free parking in Epping:

2021-12-04 17:40:56

Will Harlow and the Water gardens follow suit?

2021-12-04 19:04:26

Not a cat in dogs chance

2021-12-04 19:41:27

Harlow Council hasn't a clue, blows £10k on fireworks but can't get the market back into the Market Square.

Pauline S
2021-12-05 10:18:07

In Hastingwood (EFDC) I am told their green waste is collected free, weekly, not every other week as in Harlow where we pay too. How can Epping beat Harlow in so many ways?

Catherine biksland
2021-12-05 11:21:34

The water gardens car park don’t belong to Harlow council that’s a separate company ,

2021-12-05 11:53:13

Catherine, Yes i know which is why i said Harlow and Water gardens as 2 separate entity's, The council want to rejuvenate the town so do the decent thing and drop all charges from now until the end of the so called January sales,This includes the water gardens car park While on the subject of council'sa nd ca rparks how many of the town hall/civic centre staff are still working from home? the reserved parking area seems rather empty since the Rona turned up.

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