Harlow Labour question what the Tories have done for Harlow in seven months?

General / Mon 6th Dec 2021 at 11:40am

HARLOW Labour leader, cllr Chris Vince has questioned whether the Harlow Tories will make good on their promises?

He was speaking at the cabinet meeting when the Tories detailed their corporate strategy.

Councillor Chris Vince said: “On paper the corporate strategy makes good reading but is it realistic? 

“We need action and not words from the Conservative administration, who eight months into their administration are yet to put any meat on the bones to what they are going to do to achieve these ambitions. 

When they talk about the desire to be a low tax, efficient authority my question would be how are they going to fund all of Harlow’s services?  Again we are yet to see the detail.

“We are still waiting on the tax cut they promised last May.  If they only freeze tax over the period of this medium term strategy that is a cut to finances of £500 000. 

“They talk about the need not to rely on government grants for financing, perhaps they know something we don’t. 

“How then are they going to make up the difference of £500 000?  Cuts to services or staff?

“We as an opposition want this strategy to be successful, we want Harlow to be successful but not at the expense of much loved services like Pets Corner and the Playhouse. 

“We will watch with interest the service delivery plan and budget that the Conservatives put forward and are prepared to scrutinise where necessary”.

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Bob Mcmahon
2021-12-07 11:31:44

Mr Halton, that is very commendable to vote for a higher pension rate but you should voting or punching your weight for even higher as the British OAPs are one of the lowest paid. Also you should be championing the reduction of Council tax, Broadband charges, landline phone call charges (20p) per minute, utility increases, for pensioners. Taking all the extra increases a 3.1% increase (around £4.20) is lost and pensioners will in real terms have a lower pension than in 2019. I predict that there will be more age related deaths in 2021-2023 due to lack of affording basics. If benefit seekers can receive assistance to survive the a priority should be considered for pensioners.

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