Review: The Harlow Playhouse pantomime: Robin Hood: How we have missed you but it was worth the wait!

Entertainment / Mon 6th Dec 2021 at 12:38pm

OH Harlow Playhouse pantomime, how we have missed you! With that longing has come expectation. Could the team that makes the magic happen, make the magic happen?

The answer is a resounding yes.

From the first appearance of Titania to the closing Jersey Boy numbers, this a wonderful, colourful, exuberant pantomime that is simply, magical.

At its heart, is it’s humour. It is simply a very funny pantomime. This reviewer is still chortling away at the “milk gone bad” gag. The jokes are perfectly timed and perfectly pitched.

That is why, once again, high praise must go to the writers Daniel Bell and Ben Parsley. They keep the humour at its heart but they also have all the classic themes that makes a panto work.

Ben as Silly Willy Scarlet is a joy throughout. He is a perfect foil for Dame Deloris Van Scarlet but also a very funny character on his own.

The dance scene (Pussycat Dolls, Beyonce etc) was a perfect stage for all his skills.

Dame Deloris Van Scarlet is played with wonderful timing and pace by Jimmy Burton-Iles. A master or mistress of the double entendre, Dame Deloris has the audience in stitches, especially one nervous young man called Ben at the front!

In many ways the test of a pantomime is the strength of the main characters. There have been times in other pantos (not in Harlow) where the audience start shuffling, waiting for the funny characters to return. Not here. Why? Because this panto was full of great songs, great dancers, great characters, stunning scenery and wonderfully directed.

Jamie Jukes who played Robin Hood and Amy Goodwin who played Maid Marion were both superb singers and had the audience enrapt with their performances.

They were performances that stood out on their own.

The same can be said of Tom Pepper as Sheriff of Rottingham who got the children booing and hissing.

This is very much a ensemble cast, a troup. And it felt like a closely knit group. They used every ounce of energy and every piece of the stage.

Of course, the proof of the pudding is the audience. They simply loved it. There was simply something for everyone. It was in fact, like they had never been away.

But at its heart was a pantomime that is performing for the people in front of them. A pantomime that genuinely gives the impression that this is the one and only performance and it is a special one for each and every audience member.

How on some days, they put on three performances (11am, 3pm and 7pm is remarkable!).

Whether, they were enjoying I’m Still Standing, a duet with Robin and Marion or shouting at a bear, the audience got so involved.

There were so many top quality scenes packed into two and a half hours, that we are sure audiences will come back for more!

If you go to the back of the programme, you will see over a hundred names of people that are essential in putting the Harlow Playhouse pantomime on.

There is also a number of references to the the Harlow Playhouse celebrating its 50th birthday. They mentioned it because they were and are proud of their pantomime and proud of their theatre.

Please support your local pantomime. Not just because local theatre is so important but because you will not regret going to see Robin Hood.

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2 Comments for Review: The Harlow Playhouse pantomime: Robin Hood: How we have missed you but it was worth the wait!:

2021-12-06 18:11:39

What a great show 12 of us went to see the show ages from 18 months to 73 year old and we all thoroughly enjoyed the panto from begin to end the cast were fantastic and worked so hard it was prefect funny and a joy to watch there was also a attendant that was very helpful and friendly we will definitely be going to watch again well worth the money thankyou for a lovely show

Caroline Clark
2021-12-12 13:43:16

Yet another fantastic Panto from the cast and crew Harlow. Our whole family we're mesmerisised throughout, enjoying big belly laughs. Would definitely recommend.

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