Planning bid for B and M to move to Queensgate Centre

Planning / Tue 7th Dec 2021 at 03:36pm

A PLANNING application has been submitted for a popular retailer to move to the Queensgate Centre.

B and M is, at present, in The Princes Gate Centre. They hope to move to bigger premises on the other side of Edinburgh Way.

The application states:

Planning permission is sought for external alterations associated with the amalgamation of Units 3A and 3B, reinstatement of the garden centre, relaxation of the range of goods to allow the sale of food (up to 10% of GIA), drink (up to 5% of GIA), and other associated work to allow the occupation of the unit.

The proposal will accommodate B&M, a specialist discount retailer, selling a limited range of discounted convenience and comparison goods. B&M’s unique selling point is the competitiveness of its low prices and the breadth of the predominantly bulky goods product range. The stores primarily sell paint, wallpaper, furniture, home textiles, home furnishings, wall decor, garden ranges & leisure products. Food and drink products are also sold within the stores made up of largely non perishable foods including tinned foods, cereals, teabags etc and a large variety of sweets and drinks. They are stored on shelves and usually are placed at the entrance.

B&M are currently trading at Princes Gate Retail Park. Their relocation to the application site would allow B&M to operate with a garden centre and expand their current offering. It is anticipated the existing store will close and much of the current trade will simply ‘transfer’ over to the new store. B&M will vacate the existing store when the least expires, however it is not known what the landlords plans for re-letting the store will be.

The proposals involve the reinstatement of the former garden centre to the rear of the unit, associated with the previous use of the unit as a DIY retailer. The garden centre will be used for the storage and display of a range of garden and associated products.

Once amalgamated, Unit 3 A/B will measure a total of 3,232 sq.m (GIA) at ground floor level, in addition to 796 sq. m for the external garden centre, to provide a total of 4,027 sq. m, which will be used principally for the sale of comparison goods. The existing mezzanine floor in Unit 3A will be removed, resulting in in an overall net reduction of GIA floorspace of 746 sq. m. In addition, it is not proposed to retain the safeguarded mezzanine provision of 689 sq. m in Unit 3B.

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The application is set to be heard on Wednesday December 8th at the Harlow Council Planning Committee.

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