Beautiful lights in Church Langley street sum up the spirit of Christmas

Charity / Fri 10th Dec 2021 at 12:22pm

A WHOLE street in Church Langley is decked out in Christmas lights and all for a great cause.

The residents of Ridgeways have created a glittering scene for a number of reasons but mainly to raise money for St Clare Hospice.

There is a grotto at the heart of the street, where you can make a donation (there is a Q Code etc).

Local resident David Martin told YH: “This all started a few years ago and steadily, year on year, other neighbours got involved.

By 2019, we had the whole street lit up. Word got round and we had thousands of people coming up to see us.

Last year, for obvious reasons, was different and so this year, we really wanted to do something special.

“I would like to thank Wickes who have made valuable contributions and all those who have donated so far.

“There is also a memory tree in the green area”

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6 Comments for Beautiful lights in Church Langley street sum up the spirit of Christmas:

2021-12-10 13:24:17

Amazing I expect people will visit from far and wide and I hope they raise lots of money for the hospice and before anyone starts the word village is not mentioned anywhere in this article haha

2021-12-10 17:28:24

What a lovely sight and well done to all the residents! Magical and it allows your dreaams to float by. I do hope they raise lots for the Hospice and no idiot trys to destroy any of it!

2021-12-10 21:48:12

Wow! What fantastic community togetherness, and such a good cause. I think you're all amazing!

2021-12-11 08:22:57

Absolutely amazing . Well done to everyone.

2021-12-12 09:11:13

Fantastic community spirit, fantastic cause!

2021-12-14 08:39:14

I attended last night for the first time. I was absolutely blown away with the beauty and effort gone into the display by the residents of Ridgeways. My grandfather passed away at St. Clares Hospice and as it is a cause so close to my heart, I was rather emotional when walking around as if he was right there with me. Thank you Ridgeways residents for making our first Christmas out of lockdown a magical one!

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