Robert Halfon backs controversial immigration bill

News / Fri 10th Dec 2021 at 01:54pm

LAST night, Members of Parliament – including Harlow’s MP, the Rt Hon Robert Halfon, passed the Government’s new “Nationality and Borders Bill” to tackle illegal immigration. 

The Bill, which is set to become law, has three key objectives:

  1. To make the system fairer and more effective so that there is better protection and support for those in genuine need of asylum
  2. To deter illegal entry into the UK breaking the business model of criminal trafficking networks and saving vulnerable people and children’s lives
  3. To remove those with no right to be in the UK from the country

New measures to deter and end illegal immigration to the UK, include:

  • Maximum life sentences for people smugglers
  • Speeding up the removal of failed asylum claimants and criminals
  • Stopping illegal arrivings gaining entry and increasing the maximum sentence for those illegally entering the UK
  • Powers to process asylum claims offshore for those who arrive via illegal routes
  • More support for victims of modern slavery and genuine asylum seekers

Commenting on the Bill, Mr Halfon said: “I have always campaigned and voted for an immigration system that is fair to the taxpayer. That’s why I supported the new Australian-style points based immigration system that was introduced last year and why I voted for the new Borders Bill.

“This Bill will ensure that we can take back control of our borders to stop illegal immigration. But it also retains our ability to be a compassionate country by strengthening the protections and support available for victims of modern slavery. Furthermore, the Bill will also enable us to crack down on people smugglers who make thousands of pounds trafficking vulnerable people, and children, across continents by ensuring they will now face the full force of the law.”

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7 Comments for Robert Halfon backs controversial immigration bill:

Brian Hopcroft
2021-12-10 15:22:45

Absolute nonsense of a bill and will do absolutely nothing to change current situation. Offshore processing laughable, where??? 11 years of Tory government and country is a car crash. Oh! and don’t forget the health and social care bill along with the policing bill. Country becoming closer to a fascist state everyday. Let’s not even get started on Halfon himself, his voting record must make him proud. Sooner this government implodes the better.

2021-12-10 15:55:48

a car crash of a country according to you, another anti tory & no doubt anti brexit person as well

2021-12-10 15:55:48

a car crash of a country according to you, another anti tory & no doubt anti brexit person as well

2021-12-10 22:13:45

I voted to leave the E.U. I’m not a fan favourite of Tory! Yet, I HAD to vote Tory because, well, look at the rest!? None of the parties are appealing. NONE! So I have decided to not vote again. They’re all corrupt, they’re all liars and not a single party leader is down with it so to speak. F*** it

2021-12-12 01:50:39

Brexit was such a glorious idea. It worked out so well for the British. Taking back all that control and sovereignty. There were no lies. No scaremongering. There was no falsehoods spread by the big bad parties. Everyone knew full well that the UK holds all the cards and will thrive under their own regime and control. Look at all the brexit benefits we have. Who needs supplies from oversees when we can make our own food? Who needs imports of electronics when we can simply recycle? Who needs proper border control and regulation connected to another pesky 27 countries police systems to help us identify criminals before they enter the UK? We don’t. We have our sovereignty! That’ll help us spot them! Who needs freedom of movement? Living in the UK is such a privilege, anyone who is here should count their blessings. Any bad words about the UK having issues is all a lie speed by the big nasty EU! (Obviously I’m being sarcastic). Brexit was and is a disaster. Those of you who voted for it, are responsible. You were given due diligence and you all ignorantly and perhaps stupidly threw it to the dogs. Any issues the UK faces as a result in this is on you and you alone. Us pro-EU supporters warned you all before hand what would happen. And we were right. You made your beds, now lie in them.

2021-12-12 12:29:02

blah blah blah , im happy with it when will you remainers give up and accept we have left the eu

2021-12-13 04:29:38

Mike, I accept that we left the EU. That’s why I am glad I left the UK. Lmao, enjoy your sunlit uplands and sewage in the sea ;-)

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