MP Robert Halfon demands action from Harlow GPs over face-to-face appointments

Health / Mon 13th Dec 2021 at 11:50am

MANY residents have experienced extreme difficulties in accessing their GP in recent months. Harlow’s MP, Robert Halfon, has been working hard to ensure that this changes as soon as possible to ensure that all residents are able to access their GP services. 

He met twice with the West Essex Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) who are responsible for GP services in Harlow and demanded that they implement an action plan to change this. 

The CCG have set out a clear action plan with key steps that they will be taking including improving the telephone systems, specific action plans for each surgery and more support for surgery receptionists.

Commenting, Mr Halfon said: “Too many residents have faced difficulties in accessing their GPs, particularly in terms of face-to-face appointments. The Government recently announced a £270 million package to improve this and I have met with the local CCG to demand that they produce a proper action plan to rectify this. I welcome the plan that they have produced and I would encourage every resident who is facing difficulties in accessing their GP to follow the steps for patients set out in the plan.

“I want to pay tribute to everyone who works in our GP and local health services. They have faced extraordinary circumstances over the past 18 months and they are true corona heroes who have worked tirelessly to care for residents.

“I will continue to hold the leadership of the CCG to account to make sure that residents are getting the support and service that they need.”

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5 Comments for MP Robert Halfon demands action from Harlow GPs over face-to-face appointments:

2021-12-13 12:40:53

Halfon is a typical tory. Will call out NHS staff but won't call out his own chums for having Xmas parties when we wasn't allowed. His time in harlow is done

james nicholson
2021-12-13 14:07:24

All fine and dandy until you take into account the slow starvation of the NHS by the Tories to the point where it can barely operate...

2021-12-13 15:04:53

Typical useless NHS action plan. Just how are urgent eye issues going to treated by an optician? If the optician finds anything wrong they refer you back to your GP , so that they GP can refer you to a hospital consultant. Time GPs stopped being employed on part time contract and worked a full working week like the rest of the health care staff. More training for receptionists? How difficult is it to say , for example, yes we have an appointment available at 16.00 today! Every time I have been fobbed off and seen a nurse instead of the GP the nurse got the diagnosis wrong! Nurses are not trained to make diagnostic decisions , they just learn about individual diseases not the probability of what each symptom may be caused by.

2021-12-13 19:09:28

Demand all you want Little Robby, but at the end of the day - you're just the same as the "opposition" - the NHS are struggling, and yet you don't call out your "friends" for their bad behaviour and tone deaf attitudes towards Christmas lockdowns... Tell you what Rob, the next time you want to "demand" anything - be sure to be holding at least some of the cards, else you look like a right what-have-you...

2021-12-15 07:10:28

Typical impotent tory tactic, blame the NHS for your governments underfunding and lack of support. Another diversion to take the spotlight away from the fraud, incompetence and failings of the ‘con’servatives

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