Harlow Foodbank boost their stock of international foods through new partnership with M18 Foods

Charity / Thu 16th Dec 2021 at 08:59am

HARLOW Foodbank have launched a new initiative to broaden the range of foods available for those they serve.

In partnership with M18 World Foods customers at the international food cash and carry are being invited to show support for neighbours of similar ethnic origin, diet or taste. 

M18 caters mostly for consumers of Asian and African / Caribbean foods, many of which are significantly different to the normal items in food parcels at the Foodbank.

Shahid Ali, Manager of the store welcomed the chance to support the town’s many communities in this way, adding the first item (pictured) he commented, “For so many of our customers the requirement to help neighbours in need is close to their heart through their faith. I am sure this opportunity to pass on to the Foodbank will be warmly received”.

The initiative was prompted by the observations of Helen Verrier from the Ghana Union and Neela Hibbert from Harlow Ethnic Minority Umbrella who recognised that many families during lockdown didn’t see the Foodbank as an option as they associated it with a mostly European diet.

Andy Thornton CEO at the Foodbank welcomed their urging: “The busier we get the more important it is that everyone can find help from us. When people are in crisis we are here for them and their families. The Foodbank already picks up a stock of fresh food every three days as well as longer life items. Now we will be able to make sure that those longer life items are suitable for a wide variety of preferences. Hopefully we can get the word out that we are here for everyone in the town!”

M18 World Foods can be found in St James Centre East Rd, Temple Fields, CM20 2BJ, near the Edinburgh Way Tesco (turn right at the final roundabout rather than left at the Tesco petrol station) and is open to the general public.

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