Harlow recycling centre to employ booking system for vans and trailers

News / Thu 16th Dec 2021 at 01:16pm

VANS and other commercial vehicles unloading waste at a number of recycling centre in Essex will have to prebook a slot to help reduce congestion, Essex County Council has announced.

The larger sites that accept vans, trailers and pickups will from February be operating a booking system for one-hour slots for drivers to unload.

These are the recycling centres in Braintree, Brentwood, Chelmsford, Clacton, Colchester, Harlow, Maldon, Pitsea and Saffron Walden.

Councillor Malcolm Buckley, the county council’s cabinet member for waste, said the aim was to speed up the flow of traffic through the recycling centres, thereby reducing the level of queuing that has in places spilled out on the main roads.

He said: “At the present time we take waste from vans at larger sites and we have smaller sites where we only permit cars to take waste.

“From February if you have a van and want to go to one of those sites you’ll just book a slot online.

“The reason is that in general vans tend to carry more waste than a car so then take a lot longer to unload.

“What has happened is we have had ended up with queuing and congestion that has disrupted traffic flow elsewhere.

“Colchester has been affected when queuing goes onto the roads and causes congestion for local residents.

“From a wider point of view if we have queuing traffic we have more emissions and the less we have vehicles queuing the better.”

He said one of the issues that still needs resolving is how or whether vans would be able to overtake queues to enter the centre for their allotted one-hour slot.

He added: “That is one of the wrinkles that we have to establish. We don’t think that is likely to be a problem because the throughflow of cars is quite quick and the slot the van has will be an hour.

“By having a booking system we can avoid all the vans turning up at once.”

He added: “The whole purpose of a trial is we can change it or even withdrawn it if it doesn’t work as we wish.”

The council has been employing covid measures since the start of the pandemic and further measures are not expected.

Cllr Buckley said: “This helps staff manage the sites and in particular that has been the case with social distancing which has reduced the capacity of some of the sites.

“And looking at the way this Omicron variant is going I don’t know if there will have to be changes in the future. I suspect not, because what we did at the beginning of the pandemic was rearrange the recycling centres so there were larger spaces between vehicles so staff don’t have to get into close contact.

“Bearing in mind they are open air and we have restricted the number of vehicles in each site I don’t think we will need to introduce additional precautions but I would emphasise what the government says and wear a mask.”

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7 Comments for Harlow recycling centre to employ booking system for vans and trailers:

2021-12-16 18:12:44

i dont own a car and when i go to the tip in my van with a few bags rubbish they are on you is that trade rubbish mate just because you are in a van does not mean your trade or you have loads of rubbish. so if i book a slot i can drive straight in past all the other cars waiting to dump their rubbish . its just another place that wants to stop you in a van from visiting like the car parks in the town

2021-12-17 00:31:27

Another bureaucratic costly inefficient way of not solving the key problem. Why not adapt the recycling centres to accommodate those who wish to or need to dispose of larger loads? Make it more difficult with more admin and with the possible unavailability of slots at times will increase fly tipping and cost far more to the public purse. Also, look at recycling centres abroad, some countries recycling businesses are encouraged to set up on site to repair and recycle, very effectively reducing waste.

2021-12-17 09:44:02

One word, Pathetic.

Bad Idea
2021-12-18 23:53:07

I still use my small van from when I was working. I visited the Harlow site today to drop off a broken chair and some cardboard. I was in and out in 5 minutes. There were many cars still unloading when I left. During lock down, queues were 1/2/3 hours. My wife and her colleagues who work at the end of Temple Bank on occasion had to endure the wrath and anger of a few dumpsters who thought that, because they drove past to get to work, were jumping the queue. On one occasion some idiot got out of his car in queue trying to stop others from going to work thinking they were jumping the queue. If queues form again, then I imagine vans trying to get into their 1 hours slot will meet resistance from those waiting. Trying to solve a capacity problem by blaming vans is probably not the best idea.

David Davison
2021-12-31 10:04:03

This will only increase fly tipping on a massive scale. The council have all their priorities wrong. I had a shop that sold chairs to pensioners and less able people. As a service I took away their old furniture. Staff at the tip refused to allow me in. I contacted Essex county council and was told I could drive the customer to the tip but had to stop outside and the client had to carry the chair in, I was also told that I could be prosecuted for not having a waste licence. Under the rules residents can dispose of furniture and household waste freely at the tip, it shouldn’t matter who takes it in if it is household waste or furniture then it should be free to dump. Adopting this policy would massively reduce fly tipping and be a huge benefit to householders who do not own suitable transport. Trouble is Computor and idiotic councillors and staff at the tip enjoy their power to turn people away

kevin harris
2022-02-02 13:49:23

this is going to cause so much trouble. The only reason there is now ques is because during the pandemic they divided the harlow site into 12 spaces where as before people parked up in lines of about 21 spaces. I went in this week in my open back truck and unloaded 7 bags ,so old would and steel chairs and a few broken tiles, i was in and out in 5 mins as the cars in front and behind were still unloading. What one of the problems is that the older person taken three times as long to drag there rubbish from out of the boot of there car or estate car, Which as you know some of these cars are bigger than my truck and harder to unload. Also with the elderly having to go up and down the steel stairs prolongs the stay even further. Why again blame the man with the van for all the trouble , i pain over £2500 council take and now have to book either of my trucks in to take rubbish to the council dump because the bin men wont take it . If i work on my house or garden why am i penalized for not having a car to take it to my local waste recycling centre. What they should do is have one side for cars and one side for trucks/van and then calculate which clears faster, i bet its the vans/trucks, so much easier to unload even if there is more onboard.

kriss tobolewski
2022-04-11 08:19:28

is this the harlow dump or billy smarts circus, because it just seems to be run by clowns. the booking system does not even accept my harlow post code, i phone an automated help line which redirects me to the booking system that does not accept my harlow postcode, i phone an automated help line which redirects me to a web site , which does not accept my harlow post code, i phone an automated help line which redirects to a loveessex.org/bookings which does not recognize my HARLOW post code, these clowns are not very funny but certainly laughable at organizing anything

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