Project team give update on M11 roadworks

News / Thu 16th Dec 2021 at 09:56am

Gilden Way Works Progress

Works on Gilden Way continue with Acoustic Fencing continuing to be installed at various locations.

Landscaping is ongoing with a living screen being installed at Gilden Park.

Drainage works also continue throughout.

Widening works, including ducting for street lighting and the new traffic signals along Gilden Way/Sheering Road is nearing completion.

Looking Forward

December will see the beginning of the installation of the new traffic signals to Churchgate Roundabout.

Landscaping and planting works will continue along with the continued progress of acoustic fencing installation.
The New Year

January will see the final surfacing of the existing Gilden Way carriageway begin. The newly installed traffic signals and street lighting will be commissioned and operational where possible.
Installation of the new retaining wall adjacent to Mayfield Farm will commence and planting and fencing works will continue.

Site Closure Over the Festive Period

The site compound will be fully closed from Thursday 23 December until Tuesday 4 January 2022 inclusive.

The GRAHAM Team would like to wish the residents of Harlow a very peaceful and restful festive
break. We look forward to continuing working with you in the New Year.

M11 Junction 7a Works Progress

The M11 Junction 7a works continue with the asphalt completed for the slip road tie-in works.

Overnight closures were necessary for the removal of the narrow lane running arrangements and cable pulling operations for the new M11 technology were completed at the same time.

Landscaping and fencing works are ongoing as are the kerb installations across the offline and link road sections.

The M11 overbridge has been backfilled and the waterproofing works are now complete in preparation for final finishes.

All drainage works are now completed and in the New Year we will be preparing for and completing further asphalt works throughout the remainder of the junction, the roundabouts and the link road.

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7 Comments for Project team give update on M11 roadworks:

Pauline S
2021-12-16 10:30:28

So when is this new junction now expected to be opened?

2021-12-16 15:32:03

Lot of lights and bike crossing points I hope.

2021-12-16 20:16:56

Bikes can do one.

2021-12-17 12:30:55

Predicted by Essex CC, 70 % increase in traffic along Gilden Way once all open. Was already a long queue along this route in the mornings, plus add in the future extra traffic from new housing plus extra traffic to Kao Science Park and traffic lights wonder what will happen? Also don't forget the traffic from hggt Gilston estate development 23000 homes. Gridlock?? Forget trying to get out of New Hall and Church Langley!!

2021-12-21 10:33:32

You say acoustic fencing is being installed along various locations along Gilden Way so why is that part along The Oxleys being missed out ? We have put up With the disruption for almost 2 years but we seem To be the forgotten residents .

2022-01-20 11:49:00

Is the area where trees were removed In the recreation area going to be reinstated - these not only were good to the eye. But provided a screen to the residents. ( Now there is only a factory style fence Roundotz of muddy Water)

2022-03-12 18:01:13

I have just driven southbound down m11sat 12th March outside lane closed northbound completely closed for the weekend not a sign off anybody working on the junction 7a project what is the point causing congestion in surrounding areas a complete waste of time

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