COVID-19: Please take a quick test before coming to Princess Alexandra Hospital

Health / Fri 17th Dec 2021 at 12:57pm

TO protect its patients and people, The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust (PAHT) is asking all visitors to its hospitals to take a quick test for COVID-19 before attending.

People must not attend its hospitals if they have symptoms of COVID-19 (a high temperature; a new, continuous cough; or a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste).  

Many people who have COVID-19 may not have any symptoms, but could pass the infection on to others. We all have a responsibility to protect each other, including vulnerable patients and hospital staff, from COVID-19.

For patients who are attending for an outpatient appointment, it is a requirement that they carry out a quick COVID-19 test (also known as a lateral flow test) before their appointment and provide evidence of a negative result on arrival. They must attend the appointment on their own, except for patients who require support or for a parent accompanying a child. In these circumstances, PAHT requests that the supporter or parent also takes a lateral flow test.

If the lateral flow test result is positive, please do not attend the appointment, but contact the number on the appointment letter to rearrange the appointment.

They should upload the result into the NHS App. It is the result on the NHS App that will need to be shown on arrival at the hospital. For people who do not have a smartphone, please provide evidence via an email or a photograph of the lateral flow test.

Quick and simple COVID-19 tests (lateral flow tests) are free from the Government website here. Take the test the day before you are due to come to our hospitals, and stay at home if the result is positive. If you test positive on a lateral flow test, you must then arrange to have a COVID-19 PCR test – details are available here.

For further guidance, please contact our patient experience team on 01279 827211 or email [email protected]

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3 Comments for COVID-19: Please take a quick test before coming to Princess Alexandra Hospital:

Brenda Dodkins
2022-04-10 15:01:28

lateral flow tests are no longer free, I think it might be a good idea for you to update your website with regard to visiting. How are we supposed to get testing kits now. Many people can not afford to purchase these kits. Maybe its time to let go of the fear and let people make their own decisions as to wether they require a test.

Ronald lucia
2022-04-13 15:08:48

The flo tests are a complete easte of time and now, money You can just get someone else to do it and no one is any the wiser😲 Did you bother 3 years ago when we all had colds and flu? Of course you didn't. Are you ever going to act normally??

Kenneth King
2022-04-25 18:16:31

I booked the appointment ages ago - and received a text that only asked that I come with a mask. Just 4 days before my appointment with the consultant (which I have waited for after 5 years of pain), I receive a text from yourselves, now demanding a lateral flow test to be taken prior to arrival. I tried everywhere to get a flow test, but was unable. Even my local chemist had none in stock. Fearing my long-awaited consultancy would be cancelled - I was in a state of panic. I finally managed - at the last minute, to acquire one. I also checked online - and there was a comment about 'downloading the result onto the NHS app'. I checked the site and could find nothing on there regarding 'downloading' any result. This has been a shambles - and most importantly - a very stressful few days for me running around the solar system in panic. I have taken a photo of the result next to a timer. But I am not happy about this situation.

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