Over the border: Redricks Lake and surrounding farmland up for sale

Lifestyle / Fri 24th Dec 2021 at 07:26am

REDRICKS Lake and the surrounding 50-plus acres of farmland, meadows and woods at Sawbridgeworth is for sale reports the Bishops Stortford Independent.

In all, land totalling about 82.3 acres (33.3 hectares) at Redricks Farm, off Redricks Lane, is available as a whole or in five separate lots. The sale is being handled by rural agent Sworders’ office at Hadham Hall, Little Hadham.

Lot 1, which includes the 8.64-acre (3.5ha) lake popular with open-water swimmers, is the biggest of the five lots at 27.45 acres (11.11ha).

It includes Redricks Leisure Centre and the Cre8 Glamping site, as well as two large arable fields, four meadows and three separate areas of woodland. It is located between Redricks Lane to the north and the River Stort and Harlow to the south.

As well as open-water swimming, the lake is used for fishing, water sports and as an Aqua Splash water park. There is a café.

Lot 2 consists of a single parcel of land extending to 17.84 acres (7.22 ha). Lot 3 is the second largest at 23.37 acres (9.46 ha), the vast majority of which is an arable field with a small area of woodland over the remainder.

The fourth lot – approximately 11.57 acres (4.69 ha) – comprises two meadows with woodland between. This lot is close to the northern banks of the River Stort.

Lot 5 is the smallest, a single parcel of unfenced grass meadow partially surrounded by hedgerows and extending to 1.65 acres (0.67 ha). This plot fronts Redricks Lane.

The land in lots 2 to 5 is available freehold and is subject to a 15-year farm business tenancy which is due to expire in late March 2025.

The whole site is made up of 39.34 acres (15.96 ha) of arable land, 7.29 acres (2.95 ha) of pasture, 7.71 acres (3.12 ha) of woodland and 27.87 acres (11.28 ha) of lake and surrounds.

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19 Comments for Over the border: Redricks Lake and surrounding farmland up for sale:

Kim Oconnor
2021-12-24 09:30:48

Im really hoping who ever buys theses lands, will keep it wild and green, the river and lakes, is the only peaceful place we have left in Harlow. Our wildlife and green spaces are very important to us all. I have everything crossed that theses lands are not sold to developers, because theses are wetlands , nature s wetlands, and no matter what high technology you have, theses lands should not be built on. We all know how important theses lands are to the environment.

2021-12-24 09:38:55

As a regular swimmer here I’m truly saddened to read this.

Jeff G
2021-12-24 10:11:33

They should build a village like church langley on it

Nicholas Taylor
2021-12-24 11:12:12

Ping forward 20 years and the land speculators/housebuilders who will no doubt own this land will put forward plans to build hundreds of homes in the area, filling up the gap between Harlow and Sawbridgeworh which in turn will find itself closer and closer to Bishops Stortford. It is just these sort of areas which must be left to remain as they are, green lungs between towns, providing open spaces which residents can use for leisure purposes.

Angela Kurton
2021-12-24 12:10:38

This is very concerning. The River Stort is already under assault in relation to the so-called “Sustainable Transport Corridor” (read: “monstruos bridge/road network proposed at Latton Lock and along the Harlow stretch of the Stort”). We desperately need this green space to be retained, and nature needs it, too, at this point in history. Biodiversity is in free fall and humanity still hasn’t got the memo that it’s time to stop these assaults on the living world. This is as much for our own good, and our own future, as for any other (more noble) reasons.

Neil Warner-Baker
2021-12-24 13:13:11

I note that on the sale particulars for lot 1, a small triangle of land that borders the river Stort opposite riverway is not for sale !! This is where hggt earmarked the "proposed" flyover into Harlow..Have deals already been struck with the developers with the support of East Herts, Essex and Harlow Council I ask myself...perhaps I shouldn't be cynical and should trust our democratic process..

2021-12-24 13:27:13

Makes me question why now?? Is it because the deal has already been struck for the hideous monstrosity they plan on building and therefore the current owners know the damage it will do and are just throwing in the towel? Especially as they said that open water swimming rocketed during the pandemic. Absolutely devastating.

2021-12-24 13:46:07

A chance for Essex, Harlow, Herts and East Herts Councils to buy the land and create a regional recreational protected nature reserve along the length of the Stort River Valley and the connect to the Lea Valley Park. Not least to help combat climate change, protect wildlife, help improve wellbeing and the quality of life here but to help prevent flooding, sewage discharges and pollution but also to compensate for the loss of green spaces in Harlow that have happened over the last 35 years. Eg the new housing estates, the ski slope, the Football and Rugby stadiums and pitches, the field where the LeisureZone now is, infilling on green land like Purford Green and on many many sites. Time to pay nature and residents back for gradually concreting over our Garden Town.

2021-12-24 14:52:27

Good idea Edward. Maybe Essex County Council could turn it into a little country park.

2021-12-24 16:19:05

If I believe the latest news to be true then it won’t be for housing, to my knowledge someone is already interested but it’s not land developers

Simon Clarke
2021-12-24 16:44:18

I hope anonymous is right. To loose more green belt to developers when brown sites need to be built on first, would be a sad day. Time we stopped expanding towns and thought about creating stand alone villages and towns elsewhere

Kim Oconnor
2021-12-24 19:38:06

As all ways Edward, your words are so true. We have lost so much , time to give back.

2021-12-25 01:27:44

End days are coming :)

2021-12-25 10:01:15

If so many locals are concerned about the future, then why not club together and find a way to buy the land to protect it. I am sure the money can be raised by go fund me and other like minded people who want to protect our green spaces.

2021-12-25 11:07:08

An ecology and heritage educational centre set up at Redricks by Herts and Essex CCs or an new Friends of Latton Island group Charitable Company or in Partnership to serve Harlow, Herts and Essex using this land and in a regional country park would be a way forward

2021-12-25 11:10:29

A chance for Robert Halfon mp who champions Education and has said the Hggt developers to go back to the drawing board to preserve the River Valley ecology and heritage environment, with East Herts MP to step up to create a centre and regional park.

2021-12-25 20:33:31

Theman, the rough price is around 4 million

Nicholas Taylor
2021-12-25 22:26:19

Two thoughts. Instead of having thousands of Christmas cards and calendars printed which he then arranged to be delivered to residents across the town our MP could have spent this money on setting up a fund to buy this land in some sort of trust! Harlow Council received £1million+ from the Government in 2020/2021 by way of what is called a New Homes Bonus, when some 500 new homes were built in the town that year. Further sums will be paid as more new homes are built.

2021-12-26 13:31:01

4 million pounds: only the price of 4 to 8 of the 23000 houses hggt wants to build, about an average of 0.0002 % of the total. Small change, Hggt pfp the developers and the 5 Councils could easily donate and cover the cost for the benefit of Harlow Gilston and Eastwick residents and wildlife!

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