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Athletics / Fri 31st Dec 2021 at 01:20pm

HARLOW Running & Tri Club has had a tremendous year with members achieving PB’s, taking part in different distances and disciplines and taking regular podium places.  

It really is about the taking part though as Club Chair, Yasmin Gregory readily admits: “There are times when you just don’t want to go out there. 

“You reluctantly lace your shoes, open and close the door as it looks as though it (a) might rain; (b) looks a bit windy or (c) I’m just going to put a different top on … etc. 

“Every one of our members will tell you that they have all been there.  You might just make it for a walk around the block or ‘jeffing*’ your way around a loop that you’ve found – whatever you have done, you have got out there and ticked that box for the day.”

The Club is a great starting point for having a structure to going for some exercise at least once a week.  “If you can get out and run for three times a week you will improve” says Head Coach Gail Nicholls, “our members like to support ParkRun which is a great second session to add to your training.”  

“We are privileged to have Club President Roy Steven on the training team. Roy can always offer such sage advice for all, particularly when it comes to cross country.  For someone who was once ranked 23rd in the UK for running 10 miles in 62:34, you know they know what they are talking about. 

Another coach, Pas Blackwell, is on the coaching staff of the talented triathlete, Lucy Charles-Barclay which adds another dimension to what we can offer our members.”

Chair Yasmin is an advocate of women’s safety and spoke of the successful PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) sessions run by Paul Keates (Reikan Karate Club) who taught the members simple breakaway and self-defence techniques to use whilst out exercising.  It is envisaged that a PMVA session will be built into any future introductory programmes after the successful feedback from the club participants.  

Coach Laura Prime said “We have found that when people first join us, as coaches we need to build on the confidence that got them to fill out the form and turn up for the first session; we are only too aware that many people are still uncomfortable about mixing outside of their ‘bubble’ with the current pandemic situation and we will be posting details of any new courses on our social media pages.  The safety of our members is always paramount.”

“We are not just a running and tri club, we are a community.  There have been dark days for some of our members and there is a strong network of support and genuine assistance available.  We have male and female Welfare officers, who along with our coaching staff, provide a confidential ear if ever needed.”

Harlow Running & Tri Club were pleased to have been asked to provide volunteers for some of the main iconic running events that took place in 2021: London Marathon, London Landmarks and the Knebworth Half Marathon & 10k. 

Coach Laura Prime, who co-ordinated the 60 volunteers for the London Marathon event said,“Participation in an event isn’t always about the training and crossing the line. 

Some people for a number of reasons, may be able to have the opportunity to be at an event such as the London Marathon.  By you marshalling on the course, handing out medals or bags you have enabled the event to take place and have given back to the sport.  You not only get to soak up the atmosphere from the event, but you carry that feeling with you and will never forget that day.”

Club membership is available for £25 for 15 month (from 1 January 2022 – 31 March 2023).  This gives you membership to England Athletics and access to the full training programme which can be found here .

Harlow Running & Tri Club has it’s base at Mark Hall Sports Centre and the track sessions have proved to be safe spaces for members to train in the winter months. 

There is a full programme for members and more coaches have recently earned their badges which will enable more coach-led sessions for running, swimming and cycling.

As Chair Yasmin says, “Whatever your goal, we will help you achieve it but you need to do your bit as well.”




*‘Jeffing’ is the run/walk strategy that many runners adopt for long distances, created by Jeff Galloway, an American Olympian and the author of Galloway’s Book on Running.

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