At long last, notorious flooded cycle track has been repaired

Communities / Mon 3rd Jan 2022 am31 11:17am

AFTER what feels like years of campaigning by Harlow walkers, joggers and cyclists, a cycle track bedevilled by flooding problems has been fixed.

The piece of cycle track is close to the Tripton Road underpass.

It was a particular problem for St Mark’s pupils who had to negotiate the “ford” every day to and from school.

We would particularly like to thank @hippiemark on Twitter who regularly took photos of the flooded area of cycle track and badgered Essex Highways and local councillors.

Now, where next?

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10 Comments for At long last, notorious flooded cycle track has been repaired:

2022-01-03 12:05:02

Should never take this, a sustained campaign to get a simple repair done, shows that the Council district and County, haven't a clue. Their priorities are wrong. We need a totally joined up and continuous cycleway system and decent highly secure parking for bikes.

peter henegan
2022-01-03 13:23:23

There were similar problems around 6 years ago and improvements were made but obviously not good enough. Hope this time round they work. Considering the tory supposed "green" policy, allowing a popular cycle track/pathway to become so poor shows how little they really mean it

2022-01-03 16:46:05

Finally, now I shall commence my push to have the holes on the cycle track near netswell pond fixed.

2022-01-03 19:03:59

Well done Mark, Do not forget the stretch between the back end of Westfield heading towards the town

2022-01-03 19:56:02

Need to do the one next to the care home at the stow

2022-01-03 21:36:06

The cycle paths in harlow are an absolute shambles some some parts are to dangerous to ride on. The council are letting this town rot.

2022-01-03 23:42:41

Interesting that post covid lockdown 1 they received a big government grant to improve cycle paths in Harlow. I have seen holes filled and patches of resurface, but not the complete resurface that they said would happen.

2022-01-04 09:22:52

Jill Maybe you should fix some of the paths as they are tretsurious especially along the top of road pass bustop leading to cycle path opposite the link for mobility scooter...also at the top of Hull Grove where there is an enormous drain which is protruding like a mound...no wonder the elderly walk in the road as that pathway is dangerous...have to skirt round on the grass... In fact since Covid council have got very lazy & uses it as an excuse to just sit around doing nothing when I'm sure there's lots to be done..need to concentrate on repairs & tidying all areas of Harlow & not choosen few or hideous projects you keep going on about. ..

iain lindsay
2022-01-04 10:46:58

Thankfully, the stretch from Orchard Croft up to the clock tower at Puffers Green has been relaid, but it's the usual problem of Harlow Council only owning something like 20% of the network and Essex County Council the majority and ensuing arguments about who's budget the bill should come out of. Most of it you take your life in your hands cycling on it in the dark, wet winter months.

2022-01-04 12:26:53

Based on Iain's comment, it would be good to know who is responsible for what. People often complain that Harlow Council are not maintaining roads, when often they have no say. Many roads are the responsibility of Essex CC, not Harlow.

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