Deputy Council leader and the Police Commissioner for Essex meet to discuss tackling town centre crime

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Yesterday (10 January 2022) the Deputy Leader of Harlow Council, Cllr Joel Charles, met Roger Hirst, the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PFCC) for Essex, along with police officers and the council’s community safety team to learn more about crime hotspots in the town.

The council is working with the PFCC to build on the existing proactive response to anti-social behaviour in Harlow. The visit included a walk around the town centre and a meeting between local police and council officials to talk about how to build on the partnership work already taking place to tackle anti-social behaviour and crime.

Cllr Joel Charles said: “I was delighted to join the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex, local beat officers and the council’s community safety team for a walkabout to see first-hand what some of the key issues are in and around the town centre.

One of Harlow Council’s priorities is to crack down on anti-social behaviour. It is important to work with the police, relevant criminal justice bodies, crime prevention charities and other key organisations working to address the causes of crime too.

A proactive approach to crime prevention, visible policing and a joined-up approach towards tackling anti-social behaviour and crime is the best way forward. I am looking forward to working closely with the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex in the future to deliver on our shared commitment to look at new ways to cut crime in Harlow.”

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15 Comments for Deputy Council leader and the Police Commissioner for Essex meet to discuss tackling town centre crime:

Brian Hopcroft
2022-01-11 16:47:44

The reason crime in the town centre is at this level is down to the fact that every empty office block was turned into housing. Then it was purchased and filled with an array of people with many varied issues, mental health, drug and alcohol problems. Very few of these people are local so subsequently isolated from friends and family. Those very same people, many entirely blameless in all of this are subject to the policies of this most appalling government.

2022-01-11 17:14:14

Some lighting down Terminus Street behind the bus stops might be a good place to start. It's all very well them walking around during daylight.

2022-01-11 17:38:19

Harlow police are s..t could not catch a cold

Danny Long
2022-01-11 19:25:41

Harlow was a lot saver, cleaner and friendlier until Labour becoame the administration party of Harlow back in 2012. So well done to the Harlow Tories for taking back control of Harlow council and knocking the Labour party off of their perch back in May last year. With luck Harlow will become a cleaner Friendlier and safer town again like it was the last time the Tories were the administration party of Harlow.

2022-01-11 21:04:31

Might the prevalence of County and National Government policies over this period have everything to do with shaping what happens in the town, transport, lack of Council housing and the shortage of funding? Seem to recall these policies were Conservative policies! These continue 5 % increase in county coffers whilst cutting funding at district level.

2022-01-12 00:15:17

Im neither in favour of any party but Danny your comments did make me chuckle. The tories destroyed Policing in this country not just in Harlow. Stripped to bare bones and this is the result

2022-01-12 07:17:42

Danny long. So the party being run by criminals is doing a great job? Says it all really.

Unsafe at night
2022-01-12 08:09:44

They need a meeting ? Filled up the old offices around the town centre with a number of troubled people, ran out all the quality stores like M&S and made it look like a no-go area at night - surprised ?

Danny long
2022-01-12 08:21:51

Ratboy. Are you trying to tell me that the Labour party dont have known criminals has members or if not ministers. If so,wake up and smell the coffee.

2022-01-12 13:29:21

Being practical, we need more youth clubs, social and community activities and a drive to develop low cost sports access to divert people away from crime and to develop strong healthy social, cultural, arts and sports networks of people and centres. More needs to be done to lift people out of near poverty. Reactive and punitive measures never work beyond the very short term and if not paired with tackling the sources of anti social behaviour, end up sucking in still more resources with ever diminishing returns

Neil Warner‐Baker
2022-01-12 13:56:19

I Have warned Conservative councillors to expect an addition boost to Anti Social behaviour should the Highway that is planned to run alongside the River Stort go ahead as a considerable portion of it is to consist of 4 x 10 meter open pipes (culverts) which the developers concede WILL lead to anti Social behavior...rough sleepers and graffiti, their solution is to fence it off..Hardly a adequate solution...time for the Council to think again.

The bigger picture
2022-01-12 15:38:10

It doesn't matter who's in..Labour or Conservative none of them will ever get it right...Harlow is a dangerous place to live it's not safe to go out at night & not much better during the day.. NOTHING works anymore for Harlow whilst the idiots who control it haven't a clue about How & what should be done...it's going to be a long hard agonising struggle to pull Harlow back into shape...all any of them are concerned or interested about is spending council money on a load of shit or putting it on their own pockets pulling wool over the public's eyes...please just take a step back & think how over the years Harlow has gone further & further down the drain...full of ideas & promises but no results...about time they produce effidence of some of this big talk they do.take their sweets away until we get some results!!

David Forman
2022-01-13 07:47:11

Obviously, more police officers would help. Better street lighting and CCTV that is of evidential quality would be a bonus. Maybe, a police/council technical support team could audit the CCTV in the town centre area and shops to identify poor quality cameras and/or poor siting. Improving support to the victims of crime by creating a network of volunteers to assist those victims over a period of 6 months or more with practical tasks and social interaction is a priority. Victims of crime need time to readjust and assistance to gain the confidence to make statements and give evidence in court. Likewise, witness protection needs to be improved, possibly with a US Marshals style department separate from the police. This will entail more money and personnel than at present. Finally, improved support of young offenders once they leave prison allowing them to find accommodation and employment might help to break the cycle of repeat offending. However, we all know that a bit of showboating and photo opportunities for the press are so much cheaper.

2022-01-16 08:55:06

Get rid of the Crime Commissioner and all his cronies (what exactly does he do?) and the hundreds of thousands it costs in wages and running his office and use it to employ police on condition that they are doing proper police work like fighting crime and not sitting in police stations monitoring the internet !

2022-01-17 16:15:50

I have already posted this question on another story in Your Harlow, but I will put it here as well as I think it is relevant to both What happened to the much advertised (at the time) Police tactic of having "on the beat" police on bicycles of a few years ago? It was very popular with the public and most people in general. I don't remember the scheme being officially abandonded, it seems to have just fizzled out. Mind you , this was back in the days when we had a properly resourced Police Service , so maybe I have just answered my own question. Just a thought.

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