Harlow MP Robert Halfon on Downing Street party: “Whoever is found to have broken rules, should face consequences – according to the law – without fear or favour”

Crime / Tue 11th Jan 2022 am31 10:29am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has said he is “sickened” by reports of a party taking place at 10 Downing Street during lockdown.

About 100 people were invited to a “bring-your-own-booze” drinks party in the Downing Street garden on May 20th, 2020, in the first lockdown.

Witnesses say Boris Johnson and his wife Carrie were among about 30 people at the gathering on 20 May 2020

The PM has declined to say if he was there, and No 10 has refused to comment after ITV News obtained the original email invitation.

YH readers may recall the Harlow MP Robert Halfon was very vocal on the subject of the prime minister’s adviser, Dominic Cummings visit to Barnard Castle back in May 2020.

In a statement then, Mr Halfon said the would not “condone anyone who has broken the law or regulations. Anyone who has done so should face the consequences”.

” No one – whoever they are – should be above the regulations or the rule of law.”

So we asked how he felt about the latest revelations?

Mr Halfon said: “Like many Harlow residents, I am disappointed and sickened, and feel let down by the latest reports of parties during Lockdown. 

Residents suffered and struggled so much during lockdown in not being able to see their loved ones.

The ruling classes imposed these tough Covid restrictions on all of us and they should have abided by them.

I am glad there is an independent inquiry by a respected senior Civil Servant into the truth of what has gone on. I hope that inquiry concludes soon.

Whoever is found to have broken the rules, should face consequences – according to the law – without fear or favour.

As the MP for Harlow, I will continue to do all I can to work hard for Harlow and the villages.

I am truly sorry for the upset and anguish that these revelations have caused.

“My previous statement to Your Harlow Newspaper still stands.”

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9 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon on Downing Street party: “Whoever is found to have broken rules, should face consequences – according to the law – without fear or favour”:

David Forman
2022-01-11 11:39:10

The Metropolitan Police should be investigating the parties at No.10 Downing Street, but Commissioner Cressida Dick is thankful that Boris has allowed her to continue turning the sign at Scotland Yard. One rule for the plebs with the Old Bill knocking at the door, and for the Old Etonians a tame Civil Servant politely asking questions that she already knows the answers to. Still, if you kick the can down the road for long enough then the public's anger has a chance to dissipate. It"s a bit like leaving the lid off a kettle.

tony edwards
2022-01-11 13:41:40

So Robert - how will you defend the fact that the Prime Minister instead of attending parliament today to answer questions on this matter sent a junior minster instead and will you now write to the Chairman of the 1922 Committee to demand that the Prime Minister resigns.

2022-01-11 13:58:20

Perhaps it’s time for the government to call a general election and let the people of Harlow and the whole country decide on all the rubbish out PM and MPS have said over the last few months

2022-01-11 14:00:49

The actions of Johnson and his cronies partying while the rest of us obeyed lockdown rules that his Government imposed cannot be defended. So many people made sacrifices during that time because we were told it was the right thing to do. People could not visit their elderly relatives in care homes, or be with them in hospital when they were dying, because of the lockdown rules. Only 10 people could attend the funeral of their loved ones - how many family and friends didn’t get the chance to say goodbye because of the lockdown rules? If Johnson, or any member of his Government broke their own rules by attending these parties, then they should resign.

2022-01-11 15:40:52

Bring it to the people, see what happens. Our Mp seems to think education is the only policy that counts so let’s see what Harlow people say even Conservative voters. Go for a general election

Mary j
2022-01-11 18:10:53

The tories own rules are turning against them. The police may do an investigation into the party they had, whilst 353 people were dying on their own , because they told them their families couldn’t be around them. They partied away breaking their own rules. Hopefully the police will investigate and they will be fined and nicked like they did to people who met up during that time. Karma is a bitch. In the end karma will turn against you, even if you are rich . Karma doesn’t care about your status, it will bite you in the arse. The pandemic can’t have been a pandemic if they were having a party. If there was a pandemic they wouldn’t of had that party. This is proof there wasn’t even a pandemic . We can see you 👀

Dave Summerville
2022-01-11 18:38:57

Was surprised in the first place that our MP backed Boris for PM--knowing his past history regarding untruths and his so-called populist ways--thinking the rest of us are too thick to see through him. I would love Robert to lead a campaign to oust Boris--even my family in New Zealand know about him and cannot believe how he manged to get where he has--doesn't say much for al those who backed him--I feel a PM should be of good moral fibre, be willing to face the music when they err, not send others out to face the media as he is too cowardly to do so himself, and does not lie. Ah well--is Robert still a Borisite?--if so shame on you.

2022-01-11 18:43:43

It doesn't matter who is voted on. I think it's clear that the government in charge at time of clowning around are merely just the puppets. No real rules change, only people listen in different tongue. The real powers are hidden behind closed doors and it's time it all comes out.

2022-01-11 22:14:45

All the shit that's going on in our town at the moment, my wife is afraid to even go into the town centre and you Mr Halfon are more concerned about a friggin party that went on in London.

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