Amazon pledge to curb HGVs using side road to Pinnacles industrial estate after lorry backs into garden

Business / Wed 12th Jan 2022 am31 11:29am

AMAZON has pledged to curb HGV lorries using a quiet side road in Harlow after a lorry reversed into a fence.

Just before Christmas, a resident in Peldon Road awoke to find his fence had been substantially damaged.

The residents had become increasingly concerned by the amount of HGV traffic driving up Peldon Road and into the Icon industrial estate in The Pinnacles.

Large signs have been erected on the side of the road on Third Avenue to advise drivers to not take the Peldon Road entrance but that was being ignored.

Many HGVs were trying to gain access to the site from that entrance but when they found that entrance was closed had great trouble manoeuvring.

Residents in the quiet row of cottages petitioned Amazon and have been pleased with their response.

A spokesperson for Amazon said: “Amazon strives to be a great neighbour and we are sorry for the inconvenience this has caused. We have investigated the matter and have reminded our carrier partners not to use the road in question.”

A resident has also told YH that an arrangement has been made to pay for the damage to the fence and thanked all parties concerned for their approach.

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2 Comments for Amazon pledge to curb HGVs using side road to Pinnacles industrial estate after lorry backs into garden:

David Forman
2022-01-13 07:22:02

Nice to see Amazon have delivered a result. A prime example of good customer relations.

2022-01-14 18:24:07

The large signs are hardly in compliance with highway requirements and are of temporary construction so are not ideal as a "solution" . I'm pretty sure access was a consideration in the planning which was discharged by the council back when the Icon development was being constructed.. Nevermind, just like the quiet discharge which meant the buildings were signed off as being higher than their original plan!

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