Robert Halfon MP continues crusade to cut petrol prices with new call for “pumpwatch”

News / Wed 12th Jan 2022 am31 10:55am

HARLOW’S MP, Robert Halfon, is continuing his crusade to ensure Harlow motorists pay fair prices at the pumps.

For many years Mr Halfon campaigned to freeze fuel duty, which he has successfully persuaded the Government to do for the last eleven years and the freeze will continue for the year ahead.

The fuel duty freeze saves the average motorist £15 every time they fill up, but Mr Halfon is now calling for “Pumpwatch” which would ensure falling wholesale oil prices are passed on to motorists at the pumps.

According to the AA, motorists are paying on average £16 more to fill up their cars than they did this time last year which Mr Halfon says is “totally unacceptable”. This is in face of wholesale oil prices falling, meaning oil companies are making even more profit from motorists.

Commenting on his campaign for a “Pumpwatch”, Mr Halfon said: “I have worked hard to cut the cost of living and have successfully campaigned to freeze fuel duty for 12 years, saving the average motorist £15 every time they fill up.

“However, despite fuel duty being frozen and despite the wholesale price of oil falling, motorists are seeing the price of fuel continue to rise. That’s why, alongside the successful campaign group FairFuelUK, I am calling for Pumpwatch – to ensure that when oil prices fall it is reflected at the pumps.

“Currently, when oil prices rise, companies are quick to pass that increase on to motorists, but when they fall, the saving is not passed on. This is absolutely unacceptable and I want to see a Pumpwatch body to ensure that can no longer happen.

“Families across Harlow are facing extreme worries about the cost of living. I will continue to do all I can to cut the cost of living and will be raising this in Parliament and writing to every petrol station company and supermarket, pressing them to pass on the savings immediately.”

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6 Comments for Robert Halfon MP continues crusade to cut petrol prices with new call for “pumpwatch”:

2022-01-12 11:14:29

At a time of climate crisis it is absurd to be campaigning for cuts in the cost of fossil fuels. Campaigning for cuts in the monstrous fares of public transport would be much more valuable.

2022-01-12 12:46:23

Petrol is always 5-7 p cheaper per litre in Stevenage than in Harlow . Why? It's the same companies ( Tesco , ASDA , Sainsbury. ) They set the prices amongst themselves and profiteer from us. There should be a national price for the fuel.

2022-01-12 14:08:46

No mention of the government taking 58p a litre in fuel duty, then 20% VAT on the total cost. That could be a way to bring fuel costs down, no?

2022-01-12 14:37:15

Not only is there no mention of reducing fuel duty and VAT on fuel, RH's government actively voted against the plan yesterday. Perhaps RH can explain why he is blaming petrol stations and oil companies, when most of the cost of fuel is duty and VAT and VAT on the duty?

Mr Grumpy
2022-01-12 17:16:46

Two thirds of the price is tax (duty and VAT). The government are ripping us off, not the oil/petrol companies. High fuel prices also impact public transport and logistics who have to pay tax on the fuel they use. Dump the tax and watch prices drop all round.

2022-01-13 17:50:03

They are probably keeping it high due to people changing to electric cars, therefore they are losing money because they are selling less.

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