Harlow MP Robert Halfon: “I feel a sense of loyalty towards our PM Boris Johnson”

News / Fri 21st Jan 2022 pm31 01:10pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has told YH that he “feels a sense of loyalty towards our prime minister”.

He was responding after an extremely difficult week for the beleaguered PM Boris Johnson as questions and criticism over Downing Street parties continue.

This was Mr Halfon’s first time out in three weeks after being struck down with covid, so we thought we would take this opportunity to ask if he thinks the PM should go?

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12 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon: “I feel a sense of loyalty towards our PM Boris Johnson”:

2022-01-21 13:47:21

I hope you have the same sense of loyalty when boris has gone. That loyalty is going to show you the door in Harlow town. Leaches the lot of you

2022-01-21 14:10:41

Whatever your politics you can not say Robin Halfon hasn’t been a good MP for Harlow. Doesn’t need to be shown the door for other people’s wrong doings

2022-01-21 14:11:24

In Boris Johnson, I see a man who clearly believes in his own political survival first and foremost, no matter what principles are to be discarded and which allies must be sacrificed. Robert Halfon is investing his loyalty to prop up a doomed leader who would never return the favour, and all it's going to cost him is the goodwill of his constituents. There's a chap who knows a good deal when he sees it.

Lee Dangerfield
2022-01-21 14:41:30

Well as a life long Conservative voter and a previous Conservative councillor I’m shocked and angry at Robs comments. What about the people that died alone? Or my wife who couldn’t see her Nan who’s now passed away? Or my son that nearly missed the birth of his daughter and that couldn’t be with his girlfriend when she was going through all the pain or when he wasn’t allowed in the hospital when his baby at a week old couldn’t breath? All Robert cares about is education and his staff does the rest which I may add it’s just an answer and that’s it. The people of Harlow will take a dim view of this and remember and the only reason he don’t want a leadership battle is that he knows it will be an election and that he will lose. Robert you have lost mine and my families vote from here on in!

Dave Summerville
2022-01-21 18:16:55

Sad to see our MP still willing to back Boris--I do not feel our great country should be led by a populist PM who avoids serious questions, takes us all for fools, knowingly lies and it appears is only interested in his desire to be PM--the post requires integrity and honesty which Boris does not display---many many thousands died in the early stages of Covid unnecessarily, as he was too slow to close our borders, and did not appear to be bright enough to realise what was happening and did not look to other countries for the right thing to do. He surrounded himself with an inexperienced cabinet of "Yes Boys", who he regularly sent out to face the media as he was too cowardly to do so himself when things were difficult. He really thinks we are all stupid and do not realise what is going on---the sooner he goes the better for us all--and perhaps Rob Halfon should join him if he thinks that Boris should continue to run our country. I simply wish for an honest man or woman of integrity to do the job--internationally Boris is known as a fool not to be trusted, and has made our country a laughing stock. Enough said--I am rapidly turning away from any credibility our MP has had.

Noah Goodman
2022-01-21 22:05:05

Like Prince Andrew, it sounds like Robert Halfon has a tendency to be too honourable. You are judged by the company you keep. With this misplaced loyalty from our representative, the good people of Harlow are tarnished.

2022-01-22 09:10:23

Just over a week ago he was saying how against the PM he was. And now he’s loyal to him? Typical Halfon, you’re always getting half off.

Susan Eldridge
2022-01-22 09:24:19

Boris Johnson is in a no way position, he has one of the worse jobs , he is criticised for having days off, he can't do anything without someone moaning, he is a human being, not a robot, yes he makes mistakes, who doesn't!! ​what ever he does is wrong, tell you what I wouldn't want his job. The only problem is that they isn't anyone that is good enough to run the country, in any of the other parties,

2022-01-22 09:36:34

Halfon the sycophant needs to be voted out. A new government is preferable to keeping the out of control leeches in power.

David Forman
2022-01-22 13:09:19

Robert Halfon is correct on one point. A leadership election now would be an unnecessary distraction to guiding the nation through the pandemic and setting the Levelling Up agenda on track. However, in return for this understanding Boris must not lead the Tories into the next general election.

David Hughes
2022-01-23 11:24:27

If you believe that your boss Boris has done right for the people of this country, then you need to go, because when it's voting time you're finished !!

2022-01-23 21:15:12

I'm not surprised by Robert Halfon backing Boris, after all he is looking out for his own career. When it comes down to it they're all the same. They know which side to back. What makes us so angry is we HAD to obey the rules. If I had tried to force my way into Princess Alexandra Hospital when my mother was really sick with Covid, I would have probably been arrested. Then we had to choose between us which family member sat with her during her final hours, so one of us could still care for our dad without fear of infecting him. What a decision! We had very little choice whilst they had every choice. When we emailed Mr Halfon for advice and support last year he declined to reply. Boris seems to have MPs queuing up to defend and rally round him giving their toadying support. Shame loyal voters don't get nearly half as much support from these same MP's. Just wait till it's our turn to show our loyalty at the next election.

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