Vicar makes appeal for storage space for furniture

Charity / Sun 30th Jan 2022 pm31 02:23pm

A LOCAL vicar is looking for storage space for a large amount of furniture that could help needy family.

Rev. Jokey Poyntz of Little Parndon church has made the following appeal.

“I am a local vicar who, as part of my community role, works with many families in need of a bit of extra help through Harlow Holiday Lunch Clubs.

I am also involved with a consortium of local charities, agencies and voluntary/community groups who have formed an Alliance to help combat poverty in Harlow. 

Over the last two years we have become aware of more and more people requiring emergency housing who are moved into accommodation with no furniture. Can you imagine, for example, fleeing domestic violence with your children and finding yourself having to move away from your support network and into a house with no beds, no cooker, fridge or even a kettle or curtains? 

It is of course good that there is housing, but until people have money coming in they need free furnishings to tide them over.

I find myself quite regularly being offered good quality furniture which unless I have someone who needs it then and there, I have to let go, because there is nowhere dry to store it.

So myself and other members of the Poverty Alliance have been trying without success to find somewhere, and now it has become urgent because I have a wonderful offer of a great deal of free furniture and household essentials (potentially 10 flats’ worth!) which again we risk losing if we don’t find anywhere soon.

Can anyone help?

We have kindly been offered a garage but they can be vulnerable to damp or vermin so it needs to be somewhere dry and with enough room for double bed frames, sofas, tables and chairs. 

If you can help contact me below.

 Rev. Jokey Poyntz

Team Vicar: St Mary’s Little Parndon Deanery

The Vicarage, 4a The Drive, Harlow, CM20 3QD
Landline: 01279 498020
Visit our website:http://stpaulsandstmarysharlow.co.uk

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3 Comments for Vicar makes appeal for storage space for furniture:

2022-01-30 23:16:59

Lived all my 64 years in Harlow but have never been inside this beautiful little church.

Jokey Poyntz
2022-01-31 15:47:52

You would be most welcome! We are open every Sunday from.9.30 to around 11.00 but if you want to come at another time you need to arrange an appointment but we love showing people round! You can phone Pat at the Parish Office to make an appointment 01279 434243

2022-02-01 00:16:06

It is a beautiful church. Spent many a peaceful hour sitting on the bench inside the grounds thinking of my late wife. Shame they built a housing estate right next to it! Anyway, I hope you find your storage. BTW, I live in Hester House which is named after a slave girl. who is now buried in the church!

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