Harlow Council budget: Labour warn: “It is the people of Harlow who will pay the price”

News / Sat 5th Feb 2022 am28 07:14am

HARLOW LABOUR has expressed their deep misgivings regarding the council budget passed on Thursday night.

The Tories have painted the as miserly and negative whilst Labour have defended their position as cautious and prudent.

You can follow their speeches from the 45th minute of the film below.

After the meeting, Harlow Labour leader, cllr Chris Vince said: “We saw a lot of contradiction from the Conservative administration last night. 

On one hand criticising the last Labour administration’s financial management and in the same breath criticising us for ensuring the council has healthy reserves in preparation for an uncertain future.  Not least because continued cuts to council finances by their own Conservative government.

“When the threatre of last night’s council meeting is forgotten, which it probably already has been by most, the damaging long term effect of the Conservative’s budget will live on. 

“Let’s be clear this budget is reckless, it leaves a black hole of £1m in council finances and it threatens the long term financial future of this council and ultimately it is the people of Harlow who will pay the price”.

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7 Comments for Harlow Council budget: Labour warn: “It is the people of Harlow who will pay the price”:

Marie Compton
2022-02-05 09:26:43

Labour wasted millions on Lister House, the ridiculous monorail project, the market square and buying houses on the open market for over £12 million costing 4 x the price to build them because in 10 years they did build a single Council house. They are reckless and useless.

2022-02-05 09:35:26

When is Labour Cllr Durcan going to reimburse the people of Harlow for the more than £1 million he was wasted on consultants for all his non-existent projects? Talk about reckless! A total rip off!

David Forman
2022-02-05 09:54:16

Labour Party in Harlow wasted £1.13 million on projects that never happened. Despite people warning for years that Regeneration was going nowhere, Labour Councillor Tony Durcan was allowed to blunder on and waste a fortune.

2022-02-05 12:27:28

Durcan and his fellow Labour councillor should be surcharged for this reckless negligence. They are a complete disgrace. How anyone could consider voting for that shower just beggars belief.

2022-02-05 18:42:38

How about stop pointing the finger, support the decision and wait until its labour's turn to do what they want again. Until then atleast the public get something back. Hopefully they can forfill their promises

2022-02-07 10:17:30

How can the Conservatives waste at least another half million on appealing a previously failed appeal on the Nortell London Rd site, which by doing so actually shows they back the earlier Labour appeal!!!!!

David Forman
2022-02-09 20:51:36

Novoman, a good point. I'm asking a question about this at the Cabinet meeting on 3 March

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