Harlow MP Robert Halfon “A windfall tax is not an unconservative thing to do”

General / Sun 6th Feb 2022 pm28 05:26pm

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has channeled his inner Margaret Thatcher as he calls for a windfall tax instead of a national insurance rise.

He was speaking to Camilla Tominey on LBC on Sunday afternoon.

Tory MP Robert Halfon called on the government to ditch it’s national insurance rise for a tax on banks, oil, and tech companies.

The interview is below.

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4 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon “A windfall tax is not an unconservative thing to do”:

2022-02-06 19:51:08

It is a totally unconservative thing to do, to get out of this mess we need to build nuclear and also stop green taxes, we contribute less than 1% of emissions no point making ourselves poorer and colder for no reason other than virtue signaling of politicians and to placate the lunatic left, to who we can never give enough.

2022-02-06 23:43:20

The type of nuclear reactor the government is backing is broken (just like Conservative thinking), see edf test build in China. The nuclear option is building costs exponentially and no one has figured out what to do with the waste most toxic substances known that last at least 30,000 years. At least the green options use a nuclear fusion reactor that's safe, has no waste and supplies enough energy in a day as is needed globally for a year. It's called the Sun.

2022-02-06 23:45:07

Robert Halfon's idea makes real sense, windfall tax is the answer

Pauline S
2022-02-07 10:49:44

Well said Robert - and I'm not Conservative!

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