Harlow fourteen-year-old under influence of drugs when motorbike smashed into car

Crime / Sat 19th Feb 2022 at 02:10pm

A FOURTEEN-year-old Harlow boy has pled guilty to a string of road traffic offences, committed whilst he was under the influence of drugs.

The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons made the plea to the following at Chelmsford magistrates court.

On July 29th, 2021 at Harlow drove a Honda motorcycle on Fourth Avenue when the proportion of a controlled drug, namely Delta-9-tetrahydroca nnabinol (THC), in your blood, namely not less than 3.5 micrograms of drug per litre of blood, exceeded the specified limit.

On July 29th, 2021 at Harlow drove a Honda motorcycle on Fourth Avenue without due care and attention in that you turned across the path of another vehicle, causing a collision.

He also pled guilty to charges of no insurance and no (relevant) licence.

All offences were committed whilst being subject to a youth referral order.

He had already been disqualified from driving in 2021.

He was referred to Essex youth offender panel for a further twelve months.

Disqualified from driving for thirty months and fined £22.00

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10 Comments for Harlow fourteen-year-old under influence of drugs when motorbike smashed into car:

2022-02-19 18:22:51

This is what happens when these tear aways are referred to youth offending teams. They comprise of social workers who do not believe that these yobs should be punished so they never learn their lesson.

2022-02-19 18:38:26

£22 fine are you having a laugh, no wonder people reoffend

2022-02-19 19:01:22

How can you ban someone from driving if they aren't yet old enough to drive? What happens about paying compensation for the damage and injuries? And what's being done to remove this 14 year old from the environment and influences that got them into this state. Would probably be more effective to send them to Gordonstoun for a year or two.

2022-02-19 19:58:33

Borstal and a birching would sort him out.

2022-02-20 09:12:59

POW- so basically when he turns 17 he won’t be able to do any driving for the length of time he’s banned for, unless it’s a serious crime the law doesn’t punish them hard. It’s stupid I know.

Neil Rickards
2022-02-20 09:30:02

What a B!!!! joke our courts are he should have been put away.

2022-02-20 10:17:04

So his driving ban will end as he can legally learn to drive, that makes bloody sense. It's about time these people are named and shamed and not allowed to hide behind their age, perhaps then their parents will take more notice what they do. This is not right he could have killed someone Absolute disgrace

2022-02-20 10:46:51

So when he turns 17 he will have to wait the 1.5 year ban before he can learn to drive but yes the justice system is stupid!!!! I do think the courts shouldn’t protect their identity, probably someone from fern hill hence why they get nothing cause police are scared of them

2022-02-20 10:47:58

Sorry I mean 2.5 years aha

2022-02-20 11:42:15

The punishment for the young person is totally UNBELIEVABLE no wonder we have all these idiots racing around up & down the roads paths & across fields on these noisy scooter or down cycle tracks also tearing pass you & being so close it almost gives you heart attack + late at night on e scooters...well what can you say but one thing...our police have no control over all of this are also frightened of the youths of today which is why so much of this is happening...as for parents where the hell are they & they obviously don't care EITHER...if these yobs can afford all these scooters etc then they & their parents can obviously faces much much bigger fines for these idiots , they also need to be given a short sentence then maybe just maybe will think about offending again but then our prisons are a holiday camp now & have much more than people trying to make it in this world. So the whole of life is so very much off balance right now as no one really cares or does anything to improve these situations.

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