Harlow man set to stand trial over charges of cocaine dealing

Crime / Wed 2nd Mar 2022 am31 08:02am

A HARLOW man is set to stand trial over accusations of dealing in cocaine and cannabis.

Jordan Reilly, aged 20, of The Stow, Harlow has been charged with the following.

On August 1st, 2019 and April 6th, 2020 at Harlow were concerned in the supplying of a quantity of cocaine, a controlled drug of class A.

On August 1st, 2019 and April 6th, 2020 at Harlow were concerned in the supplying of a quantity of cannabis, a controlled drug of class B, to members of the public.

He pleads not guilty to both charges.

On April 24th, 2020 at Harlow had in your possession a quantity of cannabis, a controlled drug.

He has pled guilty.

A trial date of March 16th, 2022 at Chelmsford Crown Court has been set.

He has been released on unconditional bail.

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6 Comments for Harlow man set to stand trial over charges of cocaine dealing:

Wow Bail !
2022-03-02 19:26:27

Unbelievable all these drug pushers sellers dealers & users the whole bloody lot need putting in a big field with huts electric fencing.. chuck in all the crappy drugs you can lay your hands on & let them kill each other off when they are on their highs..if they try to escape electrocute them to death so they can't cause any more destruction not only to themselves but to the people they live among the children it kills the youngster who then haven't got a life a job or even parents that care because it should never start in the first place..this all starts at a point of home, neighbors, friends, etc & has escalated so much that we all have to live amongst the terrible smells inhalation of it in the air & environment..don't know about car fumes to the ozone layer etc these druggies don't help either they certainly must make an impact with the bloody wiff of it floating everywhere you go..poor kids of today no wonder they grow up & take the wrong paths in life..they are inhaling drug fumes living in Homes that are pushers on every estate so it's in their system before they start doing it..what gets me the most is not one of them are working so where the hell do they get the money to buy it which leads onto crime, stabbing, stealing robbery of other people's property & things & eventually killing someone or getting killed themselves.. all for a bit of shit they believe helps them...it's all in their mixed up heads & all they get is a slap & bail so they can just carry on exactly what they always do ..sounds about right where the law is concerned !!!!!!!

Bert puttocks
2022-03-03 19:37:20

I don't approve of drugs in the workplace

2022-03-06 13:21:29

Oh come on a quantity could be a tiny tiny bit , there’s men on here with kilos earning thousands, anyway this is a not guilty plea , so could even be someone who is being set up for past , no one knows til trial so. Peoples opinions are wasted when there’s real drug pushers out there in this town,

2022-03-06 22:15:09

He went guilty correct? So he knows hes done wrong. Hope he turns his life around and gets out that game while he is young and takes a better path for himself! As for the close minded pr*ck that posted the comment starting with 'wow bail' you should go f*ck yourself, open your eyes and take sometime looking in the mirror, i hope you never get an addiction or maybe i hope you do after i had to read all your bullsh!t !!

Freddie b
2022-05-21 20:23:30

His not learned his lesson after beating that man I see. Waster

2022-12-26 10:36:15

I predict a lifetime of being on the dole or in and out of jail for this young dude. Already been done for murder and clearly can't stay out of trouble. Sadly he comes from a family of wasters.

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