Harlow MP Robert Halfon witnesses historic speech by President of Ukraine

News / Wed 9th Mar 2022 at 10:05am

THE PRESIDENT of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky has invoked the words of Britain’s wartime leader Winston Churchill as he appealed to MPs for more help at home.

The Ukrainian president spoke to the Commons via video, thanking the UK for its support since Russia’s invasion, and receiving a standing ovation.

But he called for Russia to be named a “terrorist state” and for allies to “make sure our skies are safe”.

“We will not surrender, we will not lose, we will go to the end,” he added.

His historic speech was witnessed by Harlow MP Robert Halfon

Robert Halfon said: “In one of most extraordinary moments I have ever witnessed as MP, the Ukranian  President Zelensky addressed the House of Conmons on Video link. Such an event has never ocurred before in Parliament’s history.

“He went through, day by day the true extent of the Russian invasion an the horrors and atrocities  his country has endured because of the actions of President Putin .

Thanking Boris Johnson for Britain’s support, the President urged the UK to do everything possible to help the Ukranians keep their country free and independent.

“It was emotional and uplifting, especially to hear President Zelensky adapt Winston Churchill’s message to the British people in World War Two, for his own country.

I will never forget this moment for the rest of my life. I am proud our country is united in assisting Ukraine with financial & humanitarian aid and military support but even more inspired by the incredible fighting spirit of the Ukrainian President and his people.

“We must all hope that they become a free and independent nation once again”.

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David Gregory
2022-03-09 15:11:19

The speech by Zelensky was most moving. We need to send more support including: Army ration packs, medicine, protective clothing. Arms and munitions are vital: Anti air and anti tank missiles have proven effective to date and more are needed . Also Assault rifles and small arms for urban and eventual guerrilla warfare. Short fuse detonators to make small improvised anti-personnel explosives such nail bombs or canisters filled with ball bearings and such. Incendiary weapons such as flame throwers can also be usefully deployed against Russian assault groups. We must do all possible to help the Ukrainians destroy both the invaders and undermine their morale and will to fight. If Putin is not beaten now, we and NATO will surely have to fight him later.

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