Every Pothole Tells A Story: Sir Rod Stewart slams state of roads in Harlow (and gets his shovel out to repair them)

General / Sat 12th Mar 2022 at 07:28am

LEGENDARY pop star Sir Rod Stewart has lent his voice and his shovel to slam the state of the roads in Harlow.

Sir Rod lives just outside of the town off the Sheering Road but it is clear that the pot-holed filled roads are in such a state that he has taken it upon himself to fill them in.

He put two short films on his Instagram account to express his displeasure.

Sir Rod said: “This is the state of the roads near where I live in Harlow.

“The other day there was an ambulance with a burst tyre

“They can spend millions on a new junction for the M11 but they can’t fix the roads here”.

The great singer is not a stranger to putting his back into it with a shovel as he did work as a gravedigger at Highgate Cemetery in his early days.

As for the high-vis jacket, looks like he wears it well.

The pothole situation may been an annual event but it looks like it will continue to be so as long as they continue to “patch up” the potholes.

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44 Comments for Every Pothole Tells A Story: Sir Rod Stewart slams state of roads in Harlow (and gets his shovel out to repair them):

2022-03-12 07:51:34

Well said and well done! Thanks for your help Sir Rod!

2022-03-12 07:52:09

Well done Rod sure you have the money and workmen to sort our and hope you apply for a refund from HDC too! A little more elbow grease 💪 Rod whist your merry men did the shovelling ...you wear it well...the vis jacket

2022-03-12 07:54:44

Well done Rod. The roads are dreadful and potholes need sorting out properly. Not temporary.

John Oakes
2022-03-12 07:59:22

Lol I thought rod had a helipad in his back garden avoiding the dodgy holes by flying😀....seriously though I don't drive but the noise the bus suspension makes as it drops into another pothole oof! Good work guys👍

2022-03-12 08:29:34

The roads are a joke around Loughton too. The council take your tax quick enough why don’t they resurface the roads instead of paying some contractors thousands of pounds to put DIY tarmac in the potholes that comes out as soon as it rains.

2022-03-12 08:50:16

Absolutely awful state of roads in Harlow…. And so slow to fix the potholes… we pay road tax, so would expect that money to be used on the roads…Would be nice to be able to drive through and around my town, without having to dodge one every couple of mins.

peter henegan
2022-03-12 08:55:17

Great story to start the day, thank you Sir Rod

Paula Freeman
2022-03-12 09:01:20

Will done what's the point paying council tax when the roads are joke

2022-03-12 09:05:23

Thanks, Rod. My bro is a cabby,, I'm sure he also appreciates it! Can you rebuild our swimming pool, too, please? MUCH LOVE!

Stephanie Hargreaves
2022-03-12 09:11:27

How were they repaired? Can we all try to do it? waiting for Council isnt working... but in the meantine, tyres, suspension, hydraulics are getting damaged which are not cheap. What materials do you need and nore importantly are we legally allowed to repair them ouselves? Provided all H&S is adhered to, like Rod high vis steel capped boots etc.

2022-03-12 09:13:55

Hats off to Sir Rod : legend

2022-03-12 09:14:55

The potholes in Harlow are terrible, I got a flat tyre from going down a new pothole last week, coming out of Harlow probably the one Sir Rod fixed. We should bombard Robert Halfon with personal emails on this if he supposed to be that good.

Paula Freeman
2022-03-12 09:31:24

Get the top bosses to come and driving over them and see what's it like

Steve Townsend
2022-03-12 09:43:26

A personal thanks as we use that road and our little car bounces around over the potholes. Great job and community spirit!

2022-03-12 09:47:56

Well done Rod, be careful of that tarmac we don’t want you to get HOT LEGS looks like your team were SAILING through the job. Give the locals a knock and MAGGIE MAY give you a little help. Robert Halfon are you taking notice of these post , stop banging on about how hard you work and get your finger out to sort out POTHOLE HARLOW.

Paul connor
2022-03-12 10:06:32

Can you come to Grantham and ours Sir Rod? We’ve an estimated 100,000 pot holes! Keep up the good work!

Sue Brown
2022-03-12 10:08:07

Well done Rod you are a champion. Our roads are a disgrace we should get a rebate on our road tax. Thank you for helping to keep the locals safe .Always been a fan xxx

Aubrey flack
2022-03-12 10:13:30

People blamed harlow council, but it is essex county council that r responsible for the roads in Essex.

2022-03-12 10:14:33

Thanks Rod, I live at the other end of Sheering Lower Road and have been calling Essex County Council about these for weeks. I think there's something work-wise scheduled for the second week of April but that's far too late isn't it.

Peter Scally
2022-03-12 11:31:28

Essex County Council are responsible for the pothole problems. In Harlow we have four County Councillors all of whom are also Ward Councillors. I emailed mine suggesting the contract might be too vague, but got nowhere. A Freedom of Information request provided considerable detail (available on ECC website). I would summerise the problem by saying the contract is not specific enough in that no appropriate time limits or penalties are included. I suggest emailing both your Harlow and County Councillors and press for improvement after suffering this problem for so many years. Don't just moan - act!

2022-03-12 11:46:23

Thanks Rod , wife and workmen, I drove past you yesterday when you were doing the work , helped to make my return journey much safer for my car. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

2022-03-12 14:06:30

I make him right but before he condems HTC he might wanna think that possibly sawbo and Sheering might come under Hertfordshire Council??

Mark Watson
2022-03-12 14:54:21

But people keep voting for the Conservatives

2022-03-12 14:55:14

Thank you Sir Rod, from all the residents of Harlow!

2022-03-12 15:29:50

To David no2 FYI Sheering lower road is under Essex Council. I used to live there.

2022-03-12 15:46:34

Mark Watson 2022-03-12 14:54:21 But people keep voting for the Conservatives roads were just as bad under labour if not worse, get youur facts straight mark

Edward Huxtable
2022-03-12 15:59:55

What's happened , no Bobbo comment today.

Gail Nicholls
2022-03-12 16:45:21

Well done Sir Rod

Tony Edwards
2022-03-12 19:49:35

The roads are an Essex County Council responsibility. Essex has been Conservative controlled from 1998 until the present day. Harlow has four Conservative County Councillors, Hardware, Garnett, Souter and Johnson. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Essex_County_Council

Bert puttocks
2022-03-12 20:50:57

You'd have thought Elton would have given him a hand, probably worried about his syrup getting blown off in the wind

2022-03-12 20:58:05

Sheering Lower Road is actually epping forest Council, (I live there) so definitely not Harlow, and roads Come under essex highways, the Road is absolutely atrocious and we thank Sir Rod for doing this, we have had burst tyres and bent alloys because of the road in question, its been reported hundreds of times,

David Lamont
2022-03-12 21:19:36

The council do not take responsibility seriously when it comes to potholes. I have burst 3 tyres on these atrocious roads and they say they are within the time limit for repairing them. Shame they don’t repair them properly so they don’t come back year after year. Cheap patchwork is not good enough.

2022-03-12 22:39:07

Argh its the Scottish blood ya know.

David Forman
2022-03-12 22:48:04

The Editor slips in a crafty reference to Rod's song 'You Wear it Well' in paragraph 8. Is the Editor a fan?

2022-03-13 06:17:03

Please come to Hornbeams really bad potholes. Not good for my back. Carry on the good work Sir Rod.. Penny great at her new job. Well done on her first arrest.

2022-03-13 09:26:44

Essex County Council you are an embarrassment, over the years our roads have become a joke with piss poor maintenance. The people of Harlow have constantly complained with no response from you. Perhaps now a prominent figure has brought this to national papers you will finally get off your asses and repair our roads. Thank you Rod for taking this further than we could

peter henegan
2022-03-13 10:25:27

"Lee Scott, Cabinet Member for highways maintenance at Essex County Council said: "This was brought to my attention this morning, and I have asked for an officer report as quickly as possible. "I will endeavour to rectify it."" Above taken from the BBC website, so what planet has this Lee Scott been on not to be aware of the problems. Or perhaps in representing Chigwell the likes of Harlow don't really matter

Nicholas Taylor
2022-03-13 17:59:45

As I have said in the past Peter, people seem to think that Councillors are involved in the day to day administration and workings of a council. They are not, they are there to represent residents when making Council policy and scrutinising that policy. They have their own day jobs and will often have no experience of the day to day work of the Council. Work is set and prioritised by Council officers and Lee Scott is out of order in so many ways, to many to mention here. What he should be doing is seeing if the requirements of road maintenance contracts are being met, fighting for more money to be spent on roads and dispensing with contractors who fail to deliver within the terms of their contract.

2022-03-13 21:10:20

"Lee Scott", Cabinet Member for highways maintenance at Essex County Council named and shamed. Sort the roads out or we will get Rod to wright a song about you and it wont be good.

Kim Oconnor
2022-03-14 10:07:47

Rasp, that made me chuckle 😃 There's to many cheifs and not enough Indians. And it's only going to get worse with all theses different council s. Who do you call. Ghost busters haha. There's no direct moaning any more..They will all pass the buck. Who owns what, where about is it, oh that's not us, so on ,and so on it goes.

2022-03-14 12:26:37

Rod you are a star, no really 🙄🙄🙄😉😉😉xxx

2022-03-14 13:03:12

Well done Sir Rod for the publicity of our shocking roads. Please email Lee Scott [email protected] to keep the pressure on. I have a got a reply from him advising works are scheduled. Where I don't know and don't expect it to be anytime soon that's for sure.

2022-03-14 13:47:58

Well done Sir Rod

2022-03-15 22:09:32

Well done Rod Sheme on Council and Essex Higways

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