Work continues to restore pride in Harlow with focus on improving housing estates

News / Thu 17th Mar 2022 am31 08:58am

AS part of Harlow Council’s work to restore pride in the town, the council is focussing on improving assets within housing estates belonging to Essex County Council.

Harlow Council has access to Essex Highway Ranger Service funding, which is a budget given to the council from Essex Highways, to deal with county council-owned assets on public highways in the town. The council has been looking at how best to use this funding and has been carrying out inspections across Harlow to identify works.

The Highway Ranger funding can only be used for small items such as cleaning and minor repairs to road signs and bollards, removal of graffiti, painting of street furniture, landscape maintenance and clearing footway drainage channels. 

 As part of the programme the Leader of the Council, Councillor Russell Perrin, recently visited the Fennells housing estate along with council officers to flag up anything needing attention in that area. There were a number of knee-rail fences that need painting that were picked up, along with some areas of the footpaths which are raised and need fixing. These issues are now in the process of being fixed along with other works that have been identified in other areas across the town.  

Works have so far taken place in:

  • Altham Grove
  • Carters Mead
  • Fennells
  • Latton Street

Work has also taken place to paint the railings on the underpass on First Avenue near Mark Hall Park and install bollards in the Bus Station. A gallery of before and after photos is on the council’s website https://www.harlow.gov.uk/news/work-continues-restore-pride-focus-improving-housing-estates

Harlow Council has been carrying out many improvements to landscape maintenance across the town to help restore pride and the Ranger Service funded programme is complementing that work.

Councillor Russell Perrin, Leader of Harlow Council, said: “We are working hard to restore pride in the town and that work does not just cover areas that we own and are responsible for, but also assets that Essex Highways own. There are small issues like the ones we found in Fennels in areas across Harlow. They are mostly little things, but fixing those little things can make a huge difference to the overall look of our town’s estates and neighbourhoods. We have this scheme from Essex Highways which we are fully utilising as part of a package of measures to help restore pride in our town. I would like to thank Councillor Colleen Morrison who helped with this programme.”

“I know when you talk about improving public highways you cannot ignore talking about potholes. Although potholes cannot be funded as part of the Highway Ranger scheme, I have met the Highways Cabinet Member at Essex County Council, Councillor Lee Scott, recently to talk about potholes and the ongoing concerns of motorists and cyclists in the town. I have pressed the need for Harlow’s roads to be prioritised for urgent repairs and my conversations with Councillor Scott will continue.”

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12 Comments for Work continues to restore pride in Harlow with focus on improving housing estates:

2022-03-17 09:44:05

A gallery of before and after pictures, Well perhaps you will show the half a job that is in progress on Penlow Rd footpath, I reported this via fix my street on 25 March 2019, Yes that right 2019, They came and marked it for repair a few weeks ago and have now started work which is great you say but they are not resurfacing all the damaged path probably about two thirds of it leaving the rest in pretty much the same condition which will get worse over a period of time.

2022-03-17 13:10:13

Its great that there is actually funding available to do these small but noticeable jobs. I wonder how much money earmarked for these kind of purposes/ projects and likely many other funds go untapped and simply heads back into central reserve where its not in the benefit for ECC to mention it. Lots of little jobs will add up to a massive improvement overall to the town.

Mr Grumpy
2022-03-17 15:51:35

How enforcing the bye law stopping commercial vehicles parking overnight in residential areas?

Mr Grumpy
2022-03-17 15:52:54

Should read "How about enforcing" !!

Daniel Long
2022-03-17 16:00:14

The Tories need to start installing more parking bays on the housing estates. I know it was the Former Labour administration party of Harlow that put barriers up around the grass verges to prevent residents parking their vehicles on the grass verges but one thing they didn't do is create more parking bays on the housing estates. So now it's time for the Tory administration party of Harlow to get working on this and not later, NOW.

2022-03-17 16:12:09

I applaud the councils policy here but looking at the quality of the work on the kerbs the repairs won’t last long. It looks like they have created a kerb out of mortar rather than replace the kerbs properly.

2022-03-17 17:28:55

Only the bit's that can be seen (as always)!! The communal garden in my block of flats is unusable with overgrown ivy and collapsed fences, not to mention dog mess in the communal drying area (no-one in my block owns a dog....), and a tree that has been chopped down and just left in the garden area. I won't hold my breath to see how long it takes for my area to be improved.......

Kim Oconnor
2022-03-17 19:37:18

Where I live , in garden there's a wall, over side is court yard for flats . Last year I had council come and inspect this wall, it's being held up with the old bin erea. This wall is cracked so badly, the wall is blown. The end of wall there's a huge gap, where any one could get through, proving it a security risk. The kids in court yard keep getting up on it to, proving again a risk to injury. But no you council think it's safe. It's a joke really is.

2022-03-18 12:11:28

How about painting the houses and garages, that would make the area's around Harlow look a lot better. Where I live hasn't been painted in over 22 years. The garage doors are all flaking the wood is bare and rotting an the houses are all going black where they are in need of a paint. If you dont do some of them soon you will have an even bigger repair bill.

2022-03-18 14:35:27

Pathetic How about fixing things thats actually would benefit the town like the potholes in roads, extra parking in certain areas that really need it etc rather than a ick of paint on a railing that will fade and a bodged kerbstone that won't last Absolute joke of an article

2022-03-18 20:44:34

Come and paint actual parking lines in residential car parks to stop idiot Parker’s from taking up too much space with their awful parking!

2022-03-18 21:09:38

Were i live i pay for a parking bay and i put my pole up all the time but people reverse in to it that dont even have a bay then drive off and then later someone inthe day or evening park in my bay and i dont have anywhere to park ive asked for a sign to be put up saying its private parking as we pay for the bays but in the 16years ive have it they havent dont a sign its do frustioning coming home and not having anywhere to park when you have payed to do so

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