Over 300 students take part in Quad Kids event in Harlow

Education / Sun 27th Mar 2022 am31 03:29am

A BIG thank you to all the 300+ pupils and school staff who attend the Quad Kids events at Mark Hall Sports Centre on Friday.

Both events were really well attended and once again the sun shone down on the athletes as they took part in a sprint (50m or 75m), standing long jump, a howler throw and a long distance run (400m or 600m).

SGO David Stacey was delighted to be able to host the event, for the first time since 2019 and with the fantastic support of all the school staff, the children were able to compete in the four disciplines and (almost) receive their scores/placings. But for a few technical issues, the children would have recognised some amazing individual and team performances, though medals will be distributed to the top three schools and athletes this week.

Thanks to Mark Kimberley of Mark Hall Academy for supporting the primary schools’ event; it was brilliant to see so many children taking part, achieving personal bests, being active and making friends.


Years 3 and 4 Event:

Team scores

1st place – Little Parndon Yr 3’s (1329 points)

=3rd place – Cooks Spinney (1205 points) and St Nicholas (1205 points)

Individual places

Overall 1st place boy – Nathan (Little Parndon)

Overall =2nd place boy – RB (Freshwaters) and Roman (Fawbert and Barnard)

Overall 1st place girl – Elizabeth (Little Parndon)

Overall 2nd place girl – NB (Freshwaters)

Overall 3rd place girl – Millie (Little Parndon)

Years 5 and 6 Event:

Team scores

1st place – St Nicholas (1600 points)

2nd place – Henry Moore (1525 points)

3rd place – Freshwaters (1323 points)

Individual places

Overall =1st place boy – George (St Nicholas) and Amaan (Henry Moore)

Overall 3rd place boy – Jack (St Nicholas)

Overall =1st place girl – Olivia (Henry Moore) and Anjola (Henry Moore)

Overall =3rd place girl – Karmella (Holy Cross) and Scarlett (St Nicholas)

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