Old Harlow: Police launch investigation after pedestrian hospitalised after being struck by e-scooter rider

Crime / Mon 28th Mar 2022 am31 09:00am

ESSEX Police has launched an investigation after a pedestrian was struck by an e-scooter.

The injuries he received led him to be taken to hospital.

An Essex Police spokesperson said: “We received a report of a road traffic collision on High Street, Harlow, outside a Co-op.

“The incident, which involved a male pedestrian and an e-scooter, happened at about 5pm on Thursday 24 March.

The man was knocked to the ground but thankfully did not sustain serious injuries.

We need anyone who saw anything or has any CCTV, doorbell dash cam footage to contact us.

If you have any information you can submit a report online at https://www.essex.police.uk or use the ‘Live Chat’ button to speak to an online operator between 7am-11pm.

You can also call 101. Please quote incident 918 of March 24.

“You can also call us on 101 or contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”


The family of the injured man have issued the following description of the suspect.

Description: Male, tall (approx 5 ft 11”), skinny, turquoise hoodie, grey tracksuit bottoms, mid length dreadlocks, bum bluff beard on chin, aged approx 19/20.

Scooter was grey/black with oversized wheels and motor.

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8 Comments for Old Harlow: Police launch investigation after pedestrian hospitalised after being struck by e-scooter rider:

2022-03-28 09:21:02

Don't they all look like that? Hope you find him.

2022-03-28 09:56:02

If these things are illegal to use except on private land, why are they still being sold? Surely the government can clamp down on this. These things are becoming a nightmare, what with being ridden on footpaths and cycle tracks by the local drug dealers in broad daylight without a copper in sight. Apparently, they can be chipped to allow them to travel at 70 mph.

Yasmin Gregory
2022-03-28 10:43:37

Do we still have any available PCSO’s in Old Harlow? I’d like to talk to them about policing the area. Their colleagues from Essex Police are welcome to join the conversation?

2022-03-28 12:21:42

Police still have not made contact - not even when we phoned to say the suspect was on the pavement with his scooter again. CO-OP have cctv but need police to contact them. The person knocked over was concussed and sustained arm injuries.

2022-03-28 13:27:39

there are so many e scooters on the roads now the police have no chance, they the govermeant shouldve clamped down on the sales of them when they first come out, im a delivery driver and always see people riding these things in the middle of the road, they are a nusiance .

2022-03-28 21:17:43

I was driving home from Waltham abbey to Harlow only Sunday & saw a Man on one of my these scooters & a Woman on another riding along side each other past the Sun pub & between strawberry picking place on the Nazing Common coming towards me I could not believe my eyes. I also saw a couple of days before that a young woman with a small child riding pillion with her & him in front on same scooter he was only a toddler obviously picking him up from toddlers school down by Barbara Castle's Surgery again unbelievable especially the speed they do. The people that own & ride these scooters should be made to pay tax & insurance then they may think twice about having one, then again if they are getting away with it now then don't suppose they would abide to that either. Something needs to be done & rather sooner than later.

2022-03-29 07:49:06

Something seriously wrong with this "investigation" if the rider has been reported more than once. Using a powered vehicle which isn't road or street legal, and using in an area of pedestrian only, clearly signed. Then causing injury and failing to give details leaving the scene. I wonder exactly how serious this is being treated by the police? No doubt the victim will just get a crime number, and a letter of support abou them being a victim of crime and case closed.

2022-04-06 05:46:14

Good luck with that

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