Appeal for Ukrainian teenage refugee now living in Harlow

Charity / Wed 30th Mar 2022 at 06:59am

AN appeal has been issued for a teenage refugee from Ukraine who is now living in Harlow.

The appeal has been sent to us via Integration Support Services of Harlow.

The appeal is as follows:

“WE are asking for help on behalf of Pavlo. He is 16 years old, and his parents made the hard choice to send him to the Polish border from the family home in Ukraine, and seek the safety and protection of his Aunt and Uncle, living in the UK. His parents at this point still remain in the Ukraine.

After spending a few days in Poland, he arrived in the UK this week. His sole possession being a family photograph. He arrived with no belongings, other than the clothes he left the Ukraine in.

His daily life in Ukraine consisted of living in bunkers avoiding the rockets and artillery bombardments. Suffice it to say, Pavlo may not be able to return home for a while, and he arrived extremely traumatised by what he had seen and experienced.

Unfortunately his Uncle is not in good health, and his Aunt is the only person able to work in the household. She is also the primary care giver, providing the care her husband and their two children.

They are already experiencing hardship, but their love for Pavlo and his parents would not see him homeless and alone in the UK. Pavlo speaks no English, so his chances of immediately integrating and earning a living are very slim.

This appeal is to help Pavlo and his UK family to get through the next few months, until Government assistance becomes available to help support him. To continue his studies he would require access to a laptop. To be able to contact his parents, a mobile ‘phone with video capabilities. Other contributions to help towards buying extra groceries, paying for bus passes, and furniture, such as a bed would be much appreciated.

Pavlo, is one of the first young people to arrive in the UK without any of his immediate family. The tragic thing is Pavlo won’t be the last lonely, frightened, traumatised child with a similar story, who will have taken a similar journey. We humbly ask for your help with Pavlo. Your contribution will be part of making a positive difference in a very tragic situation where a child’s life has been turned upside down.. Thank you.


SIM card Mobile phone (10£ SIM x 6months =£120+£150= £270 mobile phone with camera for sky chat with the family in Ukraine)

Bus pass for 6 months (37.92 per month x 6 months £227.52 covering Essex travel)

Furniture & Household Items (aprox £500)

Laptop (aprox £500)

Clothes and toiletries (aprox £300)

Total : £1797.52

Click below for more details and how to donate.


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6 Comments for Appeal for Ukrainian teenage refugee now living in Harlow:

2022-03-30 08:14:50

Where can we donate?

2022-03-30 08:24:12

You can donate by following the link below https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/p/young-ukrainian-refugee-in-need?fbclid=IwAR1BUZm8UQnUMGf1yCCIccUA0Gl7FtvlACimiUDClM0aMcG6Ap_uQH8Jqyg

Sue Wood
2022-03-30 10:14:38

I have a single bed /headboard Free if someone can collect/deliver

Liam Green
2022-03-30 17:49:01

Hi, I work for EE/BT and would be keen to speak to someone about a direct donation regards the mobile phone. Could someone please email me for a contact number. Thanks

J Short
2022-03-30 18:44:34

I’ve a virtually new laptop I am willing to donate

J Shott
2022-03-30 18:51:16

Hi, I’ve a virtually new laptop. He can have

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