Court reporters warned to expect ‘deluge’ of paedophile anonymity bids

Crime / Wed 6th Apr 2022 am30 07:51am

COURT reporters have been warned to expect a “deluge” of bids for anonymity by convicted paedophiles following a recent judgement reports HoldTheFrontPage.

Tanya Fowles has issued the warning to fellow journalists after her right to name a sex offender was removed by a judge.

HTFP reported earlier this month how Tanya, was dealt the blow after a judge granted lifetime anonymity to the sex offender on the grounds that he could self-harm if named.

The decision, which is understood to be unprecedented, has raised potential child safeguarding issues regarding the public’s right to know about potentially dangerous offenders in their area.

The full story can be read below.


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4 Comments for Court reporters warned to expect ‘deluge’ of paedophile anonymity bids:

2022-04-06 08:13:50

Why are they protecting their identity? Bloody crazy! I’m sorry, but if they think it’s ok to touch a child, then they should have no protection! Why are they worried about them self harming? I’d let them do it as they’ve already wrecked an innocent child’s life! As a parent, I’d like to know if someone is a paedo living in my area. The law seems to protect the wrong people.

2022-04-06 12:14:24

More evidence that our legal system is run by criminals protecting their own!!

April Richardson
2022-04-06 22:19:50

Isn't it disgusting that the people who have physically harmed other people potentially for a whole life time, damaging them mentally, don't have a second thought. The vile sc*m get to hide their identity becuase they threat to harm themselves. Well do it then. They care about themselves and no one else. And to get NO prison time too. What is the world coming too !!

2022-04-07 07:47:02

Why does it seem our society is increasingly being controlled by minority groups and not the majority

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