Damage potholes do to vehicles in Harlow highlighted in video

Elections / Thu 28th Apr 2022 at 09:54am

A VIDEO filmed from inside a bus in Harlow has revealed the possible damage that potholes are doing to vehicles in our town.

The video was filmed by transport enthusiast Tendring Trains and Buses.

It was titled “Loud Thrash”

It seems like a simple journey as the bus travels from Great Parndon to the Town Centre.

All is going smoothly on Pyenest Road, Abercrombie Way and Third Avenue.

But watch the film from two minutes onwards as it goes along Haydens Road.

There is a continuous series of reverberations as the Arriva bus goes over the potholes.

It reflects what is happening to vehicles all over Harlow every single day.

If it is any compensation there are similar films across Essex.

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15 Comments for Damage potholes do to vehicles in Harlow highlighted in video:

2022-04-28 10:08:10

The video highlights the poor condition of Harlow's roads. I've lived in the town for over 25 years and the roads are in a worse state now than I've seen before. And we haven't even had a bad winter! And the roads are as bad in other parts of the county. Essex County Council have really let us down.

John Curry
2022-04-28 13:03:04

Hayden Road is bad, but you should try the adjacent cycle path for a really rough ride

2022-04-28 15:43:30

The roads in the town are a trotal disgrace and something should be done! My Johnson from Essex County Council is in charge of this shambles and Harlow residents vote him in each time. Mr Johnson changed the criteria so the hole has to be 2 inches deep before being considered for repair! Just come down Momples road and test your car out! and in between all the holes there is a very nice road hump to totally destroy your car! Just wait until the dry dusty weather is about and then with the cars covered in dust along with dust on the local homes windows lets all make a fuss! You have a choice next week in voting and to be honest the roads are in a very bad state and Essex Council is run by the Conservatives and they direct Highways to focus on their strong constituants like Epping,Ongar and so on so Harlow is left with nothing but roads you could rename, Moon Way, Neptune Drive, Mars Road etc etc!

Nicholas Taylor
2022-04-28 16:39:06

If we are to have a world class cycle track system as the Tories boast, much of the cycle track surface around the whole town will need to be re-laid. From a distance the surface looks good, but having taking to my bike a couple of summers ago I soon realised just how bad they are to cycle on. John Curry has mentioned the one that I feel is the worse I have come across. When it comes to the towns roads and cycle tracks Harlow has for many years been the poor relation in Essex as far as Tory controlled Essex County Council is concerned.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-28 18:00:07

Theses pots holes are every where, the one on a hump out side co op at staple tye is awful, the traffic lights at nettswell foot ball field. The ones out side my house, are at least 10 inches deep. And they want people to cycle, its all a shame, the cycle track's are terrible. I speak as a cyclist. No good saying your putting cycle track's in place for theses unaffordable housing, people are not gonna just use them new roads are they. There all very dangerous to motor bikes, cyclists, an car uses. What do we pay you for.

2022-04-28 20:36:22

I agree the one on commonsense Road outside the co-op is unavoidable going on and off the the ramp you think your car is going to snap and the pot holes going into the hospital. It terrible driving and dodging them all its dangerous.

Mark Watson
2022-04-28 21:38:41

Over the past 12 years Conservative governments have massively reduced funding to local government and this is what you get - literally nothing works anymore

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-29 08:38:29

HM agree. For motor bikes and cyclists, avoiding theses holes, are dangerous in its self. As a cyclists what ya gonna do, go round um, or go through um. Just dangerous really is.

2022-04-29 16:14:40

It'd be a great idea to design a remote reporting system which would sit on busses or council vehicles and monitor their axle movements while driving and report back 'knocks' and the level of road rumble in real-time with gps so maps could start to be populated and create heat maps of the most roughest parts for attention... It'd be cost effective for the data it would generate, but still relies on the council to action defects though....

2022-04-29 23:25:22

It's about time to the council do something about the potholes in the road f****** they take enough money you seen the rent on the f****** garages it's becoming a f****** joke pull your finger out your a****** and do something about them.

2022-04-30 06:46:23

Perhaps we should commission Rod Stewart to come film and do the rest of the pot holes in Harlow. Seems there was a little bit of impetus filling of sone pot holes after his media circulated. There has been the same dangerous pot hole in Trotters Road for last 2+ years that’s dangerous for cyclists/motorbikes and wrecks your car each time else swerve into oncoming traffic to get around because of parked cars all down one side. Why do we pay road tax again?!? Where is this money going to as it’s certainly not on the upkeep of the roads!

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-30 09:45:42

Not on up keep of anthing janie. The main focus is on these huge housing estates, and huge roads . That will make them money. Local issues are not important to them, my experience the last year with them is there not interested in public opinion s, which I think will be there downfall. Vote green, let's get back to local issues for local people. Not national issues.

Jason Kennedy
2022-04-30 14:28:04

We pay some of the highest fuel duty in the world and our roads are third world. Roads in Spain and other parts of Europe are immaculate. I don't get it....

2022-05-01 07:46:22

The roads are so bad, I had a smoother journey on a safari. They really are waiting for an accident to happen before they fix every pothole.

Jonathan Mead
2022-05-01 21:33:14

The road in Chapel fields is bad for people in wheelchairs and the road going up to Mandeville Close is bad as well

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