Green candidate for Church Langley has his foot on the ball.

Elections / Fri 29th Apr 2022 at 09:15am

ON WEDNESDAY, we went down to Church Langley Way to interview the Green Party candidate for the local elections on May 5th.

Ben White is standing for the first time but like all of the ten candidates has a great deal of passion for a whole range of subjects.

The interview is below as are details of all the candidates.

Church Langley

Nicola Purse (Conservative)

Ed Ray (Labour)

Bengeman White (Green)

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7 Comments for Green candidate for Church Langley has his foot on the ball.:

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-29 16:32:12

Good to see some decent Green candidates in contrast to Labour’s awful ‘has been ’ with no plans or fresh ideas. I have just received a copy of their pathetic rag, “Harlow Rose”. It provides no idea as to what Harlow Labour plans. It is wholly inaccurate (dishonest) regarding the Council Finances, claiming the Conservatives have left a £900,000 hole. Do these financial illiterates seriously believe that the Council’s Financial Officer would sanction this? This is a total lie, which they should be called to answer. They also fail to mention that were they in power, Harlow residents would be paying much higher Council Tax. I suppose, I shouldn’t be so harsh as they must be reeling in a state of shock after the ‘Beergate’ revelations of their leader and deputy leader (Starmer and Raynor). I wonder if Harlow Labour leader, Chris Vince will be consistent and demand their resignations as he called for Boris Johnson’s. I wait (not with baited breath). Anyway, the Greens are a welcome addition to Harlow politics, hopefully assigning Harlow Labour to a relic section in the Harlow Museum.

Kim Oconnor
2022-04-29 20:19:27

Well said Ben, I'll be voting green s. Local people, local issues.

2022-04-30 09:06:27

Jamie, the tories rag and leaflets are the same fulls of lies and dishonestly, would be nice to see a party come with some honesty and the greens may be a nice change. Starmer wasn’t fined after the investigation so what’s the issue? I also didn’t see Starmer night after night telling us the rules and laws whilst breaking them and don’t think he made the authoritarian/draconian laws.

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-30 09:48:13

Dave, the bottom line in these local elections is that Labour has no plan; just tax and waste as they have done for the past decade in Harlow. They are worthy neither as an administration nor an opposition. That is why I welcome the Greens entry into the Harlow political scene. They cannot be more incompetent than Labour.

Benjamin Jeffreys
2022-04-30 18:21:39

Getting my vote Greens! In 2022 someone explain why it's still culturally acceptable that Labour and Conservative are always too busy pointing fingers at eachother than actually leading and making impactful local changes and improvements. It should be seen as a privilege to have the authority and money to implement progression in the town. I've lived in Harlow 6yrs, this town has lots of potential it just needs a good plan and investment. How can it be £23.50 a day to get the train into London from town station. I cut this cost in half per day by driving into London and getting the tube to work! It's a shambles that's it's cheaper to drive and tube. How can all these big issues go unnoticed for working local taxpaying families? Bus routes were drawn up by Humpty Dumpty, how hard is it to reroute at least one bus from each main quadrant in Harlow to go past the station? I don't want to spend 45 mins changing two buses to do a 5 min drive. We also need more small multisports grounds built for the kids, we have all this "open space" and it just about gets the grass cut. We need better youth work funding so the kids spend less time with nothing to do and up to mischief. Pot holes I mean some you can't even avoid they are on both sides of the lane and if your car gets damaged there's a almost fake smoke and mirrors claims process with ECC where they will drag their heels until you give up. The list goes on..

Chris Vince
2022-04-30 20:12:05

The Labour candidate in Church Langley is 25, if that constitutes a has been I think we're all in trouble!

Jamie Henderson
2022-04-30 21:37:37

Chris Vince, it has nothing to do with age, but rather attitude. A Momentum Labourite aged 25 or 95 is a sociological dinosaur. Harlow Labour needs to be assigned to the pre- Bronze Age section in Harlow Museum. You really no longer have any relevance in the contemporary world; bit like the Soviet Union: a relic long past its sell by date.

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