Letter to Editor: Little Parndon councillor thanks community for their votes

Your Say / Sun 8th May 2022 at 04:30pm

DEAR Editor, now all the fuss has died down from last weeks local election I would like to add my thanks and appreciation to my community of Hare street and Little Parndon.

To those who voted regardless of who you voted for,I extend my thanks and gratitude.

I know many didn’t vote for lots of reason but one main comment was “ your all as bad as each other”. Well we’re not but understand and respect your views.

All I can say is all the local candidates this year brought a richness and diversity to the discussion and it was a pleasure to work alongside them.

The green candidate brought a new dimension to the debate  and I have offered to meet with them post election to work together on key themes.

*I will still maintain pressure about the real future of PAH and it’s impact on our ward.

*Challenge the Tory MP around the real impact of the cost of living crisis.

*Add my voice to the concerns over social care and those still suffering from the impact of COVID 

*Keep  challenging Tory ECC around safe crossing at Ram Gorse and repairs to roads and footpaths in the area.

*Pressure the Tory council to do more and quicker around repairs and renewal of homes and community areas.

*Take back the clear concerns around community safety and welfare.

Both with both Chris and Jean we will still continue with the all year round conversation on the door step.

Thank you for your support in  re-electing me as your voice, your champion and your councillor.

You bothering to put your cross against my name on the ballot papers makes me very proud and privileged to be your councillor.

Grateful Thanks
Tony Durcan.

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2 Comments for Letter to Editor: Little Parndon councillor thanks community for their votes:

[email protected]
2022-05-09 08:57:19

The comments were correct , you are all as bad as each other . I have lived in Harlow 61 years and every year it has slowly detriated, The town centre is a joke, the roads are third world , there's litter everywhere, and there is no where for the young to go.

Tony Durcan
2022-05-09 18:26:24

Edward if your in my ward get in touch as I can show you excellent local areas that are safe secure and beautiful. Seriously we’re not all the same. Thank you for reading my post.

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