Police seek closure order for property near The Stow

Crime / Mon 9th May 2022 am31 09:31am

ESSEX Police has applied for a closure order in respect of a property in Harlow.

An order was filed at Chelmsford magistrates court on April 28th, 2022.

The court papers stated: Application for a closure order following service of a notice on 26/04/2022 in respect of 116 Orchard Croft, Harlow, CM20 3BD.

Pursuant to section 80 of the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014.

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10 Comments for Police seek closure order for property near The Stow:

2022-05-09 09:37:54

It's such a shame a few people with no regard for others make trouble when most people just want to get on well with others in life...This town has some great inhabitants and the focus sometimes falls on the crime element.

only speak the truth
2022-05-09 12:22:06

at last those who cannot be around people as real adults and care about others are being punished!instead of the neighbours going through hell.

2022-05-09 12:40:13

Agreed most Harlow dwellers only want what's best for fellow neighbors but there are a few who have no regard for others at all😦

2022-05-09 14:12:31

Arkwrights again. Lived here 28 years and it's a disgrace now

Good bye scum
2022-05-09 16:04:31

And the ex tennent is still floating around the area doing everything she was still doing in that flat....dirty little thief too

2022-05-09 16:20:59

Who is she then?

2022-05-10 16:54:15

This isn't Arkwrights it's Orchard croft and arkwrights is a nice area. Idiot.

Tony s.
2022-05-10 18:34:54

Always been a problem area the stow, several murders over the yrs not to mention serious assaults and trouble makers round the shops, wouldn't live there rent free but then harlow as whole has gotten bad, needs a masked up punishment squad to go round and take out the trash.

Leo Cleary
2022-05-15 06:10:50

Tony S. You must be stupid, encouraging vigilantes to go round taking the law into their own hands. The police force get paid millions of pounds from central government, let them do their jobs and stop encouraging violence. You should be ashamed of yourself.

2022-05-26 21:27:58

She been doing the same in Home Bargains lately as well. also she now dyed hair red

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