Harlow MP Robert Halfon ‘sorry” for residents of Bush Fair over former Tory councillor

News / Sat 14th May 2022 am31 11:14am

HARLOW MP Robert Halfon has condemned the actions of former Conservative councillor Marco Lorenzini following the discovery of a tirade of racist tweets hosted on his social media accounts.

YH spoke to Mr Halfon as he did the rounds of his constituency on Friday afternoon.

But he was quick to compare the actions of the Harlow Conservatives with Labour during an antisemitism controversy in the General Election of 2019.

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25 Comments for Harlow MP Robert Halfon ‘sorry” for residents of Bush Fair over former Tory councillor:

Tony Durcan
2022-05-14 12:08:55

Yet again another disappointing interview by the local MP. All he does is attempt to deflect from the truth. He never answered the actual question. Why did this person chose to stand as a Tory. With such clear racist views why did he feel at home in the Tory party. Why did no one pick this up as clearly he would have been active prior to being selected. How many more Tories have secret social media accounts or use different names apart from the MPs own spin team.

James Leppard
2022-05-14 14:52:39

Your insinuations are completely unfounded. Mr Durcan would do better to investigate the proven anti-semitism within his own Labour group and party. More blatant hypocrisy from Labour. Unlike Labour, Harlow Conservatives took swift and decisive action.

2022-05-14 18:26:58

James, it is a pity your party's "swift and decisive action" didn't take place at the candidate selection stage, assuming you have one. How much will the by-election cost Harlow taxpayers?

2022-05-14 19:00:11

At this point the only untarnished party is the Green party, worth voting in for the sole fact that they have had no such issues of racist candidates of any kind

Tony Durcan
2022-05-14 20:59:10

Car crash interview ,just as well he was in a garage

Stacy Seales
2022-05-15 01:20:22

Let’s be of One accord and of one purpose - The People of Harlow. Thanks Robert for your dedication, compensate and focus of the people of Harlow rather than just politics. Throughout campaigning it was delightful to seeing the neutral respect your name carried within all parties especially labour voters whom would state” I am labour but have high regards for the MP Robert “ it was also encouraging and refreshing to hearing you welcoming any criticism and making steps to address them honestly and fairly with the people of Harlow the interest at heart. It was also good to witness your genuine warmth approach to all parties and congratulating them fairly without any malice and also their genuine reply to you. Tough times call for tough measure and togetherness irrespectively of party preferences. We can all individually make mistakes knowing and unknowingly however our world especially Harlow has no place for hate, violence, racism and blame especially as we all seek the same end. “Building better communities and making Harlow Great “ it is also important that we are kind especially after addressing issue without causing other harm and unnecessary issues to those affected directly or indirectly, let’s be mindful of how our action can affect others unknowingly. At the end of it we are all human whom are frail, and on various journeys with individual lesson to learn. None of us are perfect but striving to be better each day however must serve beyond reproach as best as it is in our power. On the whole as community builders/ leaders elected to serving the community we must focus on the task at hand dealing with real issue affecting the people of Harlow which is within their homes and environment. Surely politic is better than this surely the people of Harlow deserve some decorum in how we deal with our indifference and opinion. People ‘s reaction of distrust and generalising people wanting to serve their community is view from how we treat each other. Therefore let us be focus on real issues affecting our community like tackling the current youth crisis ( depression and suicidal) housing crisis , environment, our elderly community, disability, employment, welfare and stability to small businesses so as in fulfilling the greater good. I hope my point is view in the manner in which is was written which simply put is that- let’s serve the people of Harlow for the duty in which we are elected to do. As a female whom deflate the stereo type of generalisation made about The Tory party on many grounds( status, gender, race, age, etc) I can confidently state I am proud to be amongst colleagues and a party which has zero tolerance for hate, racism and violence I can confidently say we must again focus on the task at hand- Real issue

2022-05-15 02:36:18

That was a lot of words with very little meaning Stacy, "real issues" include racism, and the fact that your party allowed a person who is not just a closet racist but openly flaunts that over social media. In your comment I read a lot of buzzwords, one of which is disabled people, I happen to be disabled myself and I do not appreciate us only mattering when it comes to elections. Also it feels like a lot of your comments are aimed at making excuses for the guy.

James Leppard
2022-05-15 07:19:27

James, if you actually trouble to read the background, the culprit did not “openly flaunt” his vile messages under his own name, but used a pseudonym. I imagine that even you are able to appreciate that distinction. Harlow Conservatives have a zero tolerance for any racial discrimination. Summary action was taken immediately upon discovery. We now await Harlow Labour to do the same with regard to racist anti-semitism; don’t hold your breath.

Stacy Seales
2022-05-15 10:20:21

Good Morning James , Trust you had a fabulous weekend. Firstly I am a doer and not a talker, time will reflect this and the reason of my long dialogue . Secondly the very buzzword that lights up my world is my very life experience of being a single mother of 5 children , black female and trying bettering my life whilst caring for a son whom has a disability within a judgemental society filled with misconceptions, miscommunication, and people filled with so much hate, no care or compassion. Hate only begotten more hate so that’s the only excuses I will make here is that we condemn the Act and move on. We must condemn all acts of hatred racism and also unkindness there is no place for such behaviour. I do not see colour but people and issues that needs solution with care and mindfulness not negativity. This is the exact point I am raising that real issues should be daily focus of us all as a community in how to all contribute making each other or someone’s life better. We all hold the key to doing so without need to be deeming. My statement is long and with a neutral mind will be viewed to highlight the importance of dealing with the real issues , condemning the act but without creating further harm to the individual and others unnecessarily. The swift action taken was very very impressive irrespectively of the running order of events but the repetitive point I am making is using resource which benefit the people of Harlow to deal with the issues they face in their homes. Perhaps you had a solution to how the matter should be address which I missed but my statement was general that we focus on real issues as spoken by the very people within that ward especially. Correct me if I am wrong, you may perhaps sum up that we are not on the same page but I think we are wanting the same thing - dealing with real issues for the people of Harlow. With that let’s try to find ways to have solution rather than focusing on negative- it is always a win win that way.

gary roberts
2022-05-15 11:10:01

Cllr. Seales, please could you do an essay on what you know of the community you represent: Harlow Common. Perhaps a focus on part of that Ward: Potter Street including the issues of Osler House and the former neighbourhood office would be a start.

2022-05-15 12:51:07

Mr Leppard, your comments about their antisemitism are mere deflection, nothing more. As for him using a pseudonym well, maybe your party should have actually background checked him properly. Both you and Stacy here are trying to deflect the scandal that is affecting YOUR PARTY, the tories, you by invoking Labour, well, overlooking the fact that I disagree with them as well, you cannot deflect this mud. It will stick like glue since he was allowed to stand in he first place.

2022-05-15 12:53:25

Stacy, you seem to think that thousand word essays will deflect the fact that YOUR PARTY PUT FORWARD A RACIST! Stop lecturing and preaching after the horse has bolted about inclusion a d how bad racism is. We know that, it seems to be your lot that don't

2022-05-15 13:25:49

While where talking about Bush Fair what are the rumours that the church, The popular Kitten and the car park all being demolished as n DC builds are going up there

Sean Thomas
2022-05-15 13:36:07

While where talking about Bush Fair what are the rumours that the church, The popular Kitten and the car park all being demolished as n DC builds are going up there

Stacy Seales
2022-05-15 14:18:16

Thanks Mr Gary Robert, I am well informed with the issues on my ward and dealing with them and would welcome your contributions , solutions etc. I am also aware of the Olser house closure. I am aware of the roads pothole , shops decline within my ward, but more so the wonderful community of hard dedicated people wanting to help others and making Harlow to have the sense of Pride beginning with people caring for each other and gratitude. I am have personal tried creating boost of keeping shopping local such as using and promoting local shops at potter street and at Clifton hatch within my business and personal needs. Meeting and networking to ensure the peoples needs are heard and actioned. The most the people in potter street seek is a functioning Community- which is major outcry of those that live here seeking care and resources for all the community to benefit from- starting with kindness and people looking after each other. Watch this space of things to follow. My capable colleague James Leppard and I will strive to continue doing our very best to making Harlow a great place starting step by step with our Ward Harlow Common. Perhaps we can all join forces to finding resolution rather than drawing of swords which serve Noone and certainly not the people of Harlow. James - From reading my essays you must have missed the point raised that I commented because of the deeming dialogue used I felt we must focus on real issues without causing harm to others it is a human thing to do. This is not about point scoring but addressing real issues . So without further ado perhaps solutions going forward with be the best suggestions for all in the community. I do not need to defend our Party or anyones actions but speaking from a place of neutral grounding experience and truth. Let’s deal with real issues affecting the hard working people of Harlow who deserve more.

2022-05-15 14:37:00

It is the Conservative party you are taking about nothing surprises me today what with you leader not doing the right thing and now we hear about your 250,000 pound expenses all aboard the gravy train while the other classes are struggling to pay the bills . It's now time to put a stop to the MPs expenses and cut back on MPs and the lords and let's have a pay freeze on all MPs pay for at least Ten years . and put that money back in to use instead of SACKING 90,000 staff .

J Smithson
2022-05-15 15:12:20

Would like to see evidence of the proven antisemitism Mr Leppard

James Leppard
2022-05-15 16:12:52

J Smithson, I will indulge your indolence to do your own research: https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/our-work/news/investigation-antisemitism-labour-party-finds-unlawful-acts-discrimination-and https://www.equalityhumanrights.com/en/our-work/news/investigation-antisemitism-labour-party-finds-unlawful-acts-discrimination-and Hope this is helpful.

2022-05-15 16:25:27

I think it was clearly established at the time that Laura McAlpine (Labour’s previous parliamentary candidate) didn’t have any special advisers- that’s a category of personnel that standing MPs employ - so suggesting that one of them was anti-Semitic is a bit desperate. But these are desperate times I guess. Mr Halfon saw the straw and grasped it.

2022-05-15 16:37:20

As there will now be another election in the Bushfair ward courteously of the dodgy Conservative councillors dubious/illegal posts should the Conservative party foot the bill, after all it was by their inactions that this whole affair has come to pass.

2022-05-15 17:52:48

Judging from the lack of answers my pointing out the fact that the tories put forward a racist without background checks for public office. This should not and cannot be overlooked or swept away. Note I am not a Labour supporter either so that cannot be weaponized against me

gary roberts
2022-05-15 18:13:36

Dear Cllr. Seales sadly another essay but nothing telling me what you and your colleague are doing on both Osler House and the former neighbourbood office. I could tell you what I am doing and have done on these issues but you are elected to represent this Ward. So please represent it and start forcing change for the benefit of your constituents.

2022-05-15 18:57:44

Agree with you Paul. If there is a cost to the public purse Halfon and Harlow Tories should offer to make a donation to local charities for the equivalent amount. It is their negligence that has caused the by-election.

Stacy Seales
2022-05-16 00:25:10

Dear Mr Gary Roberts , Your advise has been duly noted; Perhaps you could update me on what was supposedly proposed or implemented before my coming into office the 5th May 2022. Happy to meet and discuss further over a coffee, an estate walkabout or outreach, and litter picking with my colleagues. Kindest Regards,

J Smithson
2022-05-16 07:48:12

Now Mr Leppard, you said the problem was with the Labour group presumably meaning the council one. I ask you again, where is your evidence that councillors were involved.

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