Harlow resident banned from driving for three years after offences committed on e-scooter

Crime / Wed 25th May 2022 am31 07:57am

A HARLOW resident has been banned from driving for three years following a number of offences whilst driving an e-scooter.

Ilie-ion Moldovan, aged 31, of Westfield, Harlow pleaded guilty to the following.

On April 28th 2022 at Harlow used a motor vehicle, namely an e-scooter, on a road, Stone Cross, when there was not in force in relation to that use such a policy of insurance.

On April 28th 2022 at Harlow drove a motor vehicle, e-scooter, on a road, Stone Cross otherwise than in accordance with a licence authorising you to drive a motor vehicle of that class.

On April 28th 2022 at Harlow drove a motor vehicle, e-scooter on a public place, Stone Cross, after consuming so much alcohol that the proportion of it in your breath, namely 96 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath, exceeded the prescribed limit.

On April 28th 2022 at Harlow drove a motor vehicle E-scooter on a road Stone Cross, Market Square, while disqualified from holding or obtaining a driving licence.

Conviction of an offence while a community order made by North Essex Magistrates court on July 28th, 2021 for an offence of failing to provide a specimen for breath analysis is in force.

Moldovan was banned from driving for three years. He must undertake 200 hours of unpaid work and was fined £200/

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12 Comments for Harlow resident banned from driving for three years after offences committed on e-scooter:

2022-05-25 08:20:48

1 punished only 6 million to go GREAT!!!

Kim Oconnor
2022-05-25 08:36:58

Lolll Mike. Be careful this lot do like to fine ya for everything. There fine ya for breathing to loud soon.

Nicholas Taylor
2022-05-25 08:44:09

Saw two riders nearly knocked down by two cars yesterday as they went round the roundabout on Southern Way at Bush Fair.

2022-05-25 09:07:10

Having had an e-scooter drive at over 30mph past in me and other along Southern way road. The problem is there are not enough police to in the town to jump on these idiots, I understand they can travel at 50mph. Where is the government making statute laws to ban them or have the riders legally insured, licenced, road taxed,remember car drivers are hammered at every turn, if a car has an accident with an e-scooter it's the drivers fault now. Crazy.

2022-05-25 09:07:58

It's the Shops selling these E Bikes that carry the responsibility to check that the required documents are in place namely, 1 A Licence required to Drive, its a "Moter Driven Vehicle " 2 Insurance . Thier Speed also needs to be limited, they are too fast, the Idiots are flying around with no Helmets.

2022-05-25 11:12:06

I didn't know you needed a license for scooters what about skates??...are walking sticks okay??🤞🤠

2022-05-25 14:58:26

There is no argument for anyone riding one of these on the public highway but alas the horse has bolted anyone caught deserves what they get in my opinion, only a matter of time before a serious accident happens involving one of these things and unfortunately it will be the poor motorist who gets the blame.

2022-05-26 16:45:07

Am I missing something about the law can anybody tell me why in London they rent out e-scooters the as they do boris bikes but they are illegal in other places?

2022-05-30 04:55:53

Mike there are plenty of legitimate reasons to use one of these escooters in a legal setting. The reasons are much the same as owning a motorbike or pushbike. Cheaper and affordable for short distance travel, usually for commuters. If you’re unable to see that people are switching to alternative modes of transport as opposed to good old fashioned petrol motors then you’re ignorant to the impending future, thanks for the large uptake of “green” cars and motors. Total BS - the electric auto industry since, most of the electricity to charge these devices are produced dirtily and with unclean resources. Not to mention that the stacks of 18650 cells of lithium ion is literally and figuratively being wasted after 5 years of usage. 7 of light use. Hybrid is the way to go, not full electro. As for scooters, providing they’re legally owned and operated, I couldn’t give a hoot about who is using them for what. My care is akin to that of someone who owns a car vs. an illegal driver. The risk is the same and the damage is the same.

2022-06-04 10:53:37

Almost everyday you can see an illegal scooter on a public road or path in Harlow. Where are the police? They could do with a one day 'swoop'. That might make a difference.

Da Hammer
2022-06-09 15:09:31

In UK law, an electric scooter is classified as a “powered transporter”, alongside products such as hoverboards, “go-peds” and powered unicycles. Due to the way in which “powered transporters” are designed and motorised, every product in this classification – including electric scooters – falls within the legal definition of a “motor vehicle” in the UK. This means that in order to be road legal, an electric scooter would need to meet all of the standards required of motor vehicles by the Road Traffic Act 1988. These are the same, stringent standards which cars are required to meet and would include being registered with the DVLA, licensed, taxed, insured and fitted with number plates.

Da Hammer
2022-06-09 15:13:51

.... also at this point in time they can ONLY be ridden on private land. Those riding on public land, pavements, cycle ways and pedestrian areas are doing so illegally.

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